We Almost Died In The Fire

 #newvideo - We Almost Died In The Fire

Friday, June 22, 2012

first Weekend of summer,pride,birthdays,video!

so excited summer is finally here!! still working out as hard and working hard at work very hard at everything i feel like i can really say I'm growing and It feels really good its and amazing feeling I'm not there yet but getting there. life is all about the climb. like my friend Marco says "life's a roller coaster"
pride took place all over in Chicago this week and Texas and anywhere else hope you all had an amazing time!
my cousin Jessica's bday was this week and beckys i love them soo much!
i shot a new advice from rob video this one is about change. its a big thing something i can really let you in on and talk about.

here's to next week get excited!

have a great time and start creating those memories!!
here's a song from way back, from Jennifer Lopez!!

FlashBack Friday: Im A Dark Angel

 FlashBack Friday: look im a dark angel lol loved those big wings it was sooo much fun :)
pic from october 2011.

lets shake it all off part 3of3!

The book that helped changed my life as well thank you bethenny Fankel!

this that and all of it ;)

  1. i gained all that weight summer 2012 not so much fun for me 170lbs to be exact
  2. Started to take a huge look on my life weight and what i could do to make a change in a big way all around.
  3. started working out 6days a week in September 2011
  4. had a big motivation every month October was the first i wanted to look great in a costume
  5.  got in shape for that in a big way as well.
  6. then i knew November was coming there would be food all over the place and i worked at a restaurant so wow! lol!
  7. everyday at 7am Lucy and i went running and did zumba every other day
  8. zumba!!! yo boday!! lol most fun dance workout ever!!! you have to try it you will get very sweaty! lol
  9. then of course i ate my brains out watching lady gaga's Thanksgiving special on TV with Lucy.
  10. the next day went very hard!
  11. it was huge this is around the time eliu and i were hitting it hard everyday and my Christmas photo shoot/family Christmas card was coming up in December so had to work out extra for that.
  12. made it did a great job!
  13. hello 2012! and hello to quick trim and insanity!
  14. did insanity for 60days and quick trim for two weeks it really works!
  15. running every day mediation and yoga are the key in my life now big time!
  16. shake that ass off at the gym!
  17. i got a gym membership with my friend Marco how cool is that? its honestly soo fun
  18. Marco took my a** to cycling town lol! no joke its hard work but worth it push your self and you can do it a little tip he gave me: "don't look and what everyone else is doing listen. there probably doing it wrong let me help you"
  19. I've been eating protein bars
  20. nature valley bars
  21. shakes
  22. always love natural drinks and naked drinks are the best love to get naked :) lol
  23. popchips! you have to try! they are sooo very good and good for you!!
  24. i workout 6,5,or 7 days a week its the most fun thing i can do and keeps me sane best advice: have motivation and a workout buddy.
  25. i didn't just loose weight i also lost a lot of bad and came in was the good. thanks to my friend Marco and kike and Juan. a lot has happen and had to happen so much and so little I've done so much growing I've never been so busy in my life working everyday blogging making videos working out and so much more going on but i couldn't have done i without them and my tia lupe,jess,tia yoly and everyone else i love you all change is good I'm growing..
  26. its all Life In A Bag: To MY FairyTale Life...

Flashback Friday: Happy Birthday jessica!!!

I love my cousin so much everyone who knows me knows I'm obsessed with the ones i love so much! and I'm obsessed with my cupcake Jessica lol i love my cousin so very much shes always there for me makes me smile and food lol and we share fashion tips and tricks and talk everyday about any and everything in life. shes the best mom to her son best girlfriend, daughter, sister,  tia, granddaughter, and so much more but most of all my cousin aka my cupcake i love you jess hope you had such an amazing day besos from Lucy and i!
love this pic! our photoshoot we stood up all night lol!
easter! 2011!
best mom ever!

Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Did i use? part 2 of 3

Quick Trim,Naked Juice,Green Tea,Protein Bars,skinny Girl Margaritas,splendas and getting natural.

 I used quick Trims burn and cleanse 14 day system for the 14 days and it really helped burn the fat big time gave me that boost of energy and no jitters and shakes at all. and tastes like grape. i used it the last week of January and first week of February and was done and felt great. so now you know i used that.

Naked juice's are so good and great for you, just try them don't go eeewww! lol the green machine is my fav!

i don't like artificial stuff so I've let go of the pop and took on this sometimes ill have a diet coke. i always use splenda in tease and coffees. protein bars are so good for an on the go meal and fill you up oh and are healthy!
My friend Marco knows I'm obsessed with nature valley bars their 100% natural and sooooooo good! lol try them and for drink he showed me a great margartia mix thats zero calories but i always go with my girl bethenny frankels drink and i looove margaritas skinny girl margaritas!!!! and all her line lol

Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy first day of summer!! summer is here!!

yes summer is here!!1 get excited i know I'm so excited even though in Texas it feels like summer has already been here for a month or so lol! but get excited!!!

as promised here's the most recent pic of me noooooow!

I've been working out7 days a week for a whole 45days or so straight, eating right staying on track even with work and so much going on I'm sooo excited and I'm gaining more muscle yes!!! still working my ass off every day i kinda like working out every day its so much fun. how about you? i find the best fun too keep you going is to do it with a friend or group and just have some fun with it yes!
also here's my THE summer song for the summer! looove it 'Make It In America' by Victoria Justice

I changed My Twitcon & background on twitter.

Going for new and just an all new change and its a good thing!

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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

1more day! Then & Now ... What did it do? Part 1of 3

The secrets out!

Get excited its time to really break it all down for you from how i lost all 35lbs and how I've changed in such a big way besides the wight loss in such a huge major way! this will be in 3parts its pretty big so ill be sharing the rest of it all like I've been doing from quick trim for two weeks, zumba,insanity,running,yoga,meditation,working out,getting a gym membership and letting it all hang out and getting real with my self and life. and opening a box of emotions that needed to be released in a huge way!
all thanks to my friends and family Marco,kike,juan,jessica,tia yoly,terri,and tia lupe
get excited its coming in a huge big bold way I'm barring the rest of it all so get excited!

Monday, June 18, 2012

2 More days till summer how i lost it all?!

Theirs no big secret that I've lost a lot of weight, 35lbs to be exact! since last summer in 2011 it was no camp fire in the woods for me. Unless the marshmallow bag was all mine and i was doing no workouts lost a job got stuck there was a bit f narcoleptic hmm oh yeah then working too much and stressed oh yeah that's not to much right?
I weighed 170lbs summer 2011 that was huge! like huge literally and well huge! I'm not that tall so it looked like so much my ass was huge and it was not so fun but i was so determined to loose the weight and keep it off!

in this pic from April 2012 i weighed 138 then i lost the last 3 pounds and bam! on to gain some more muscle ill be sharing all that so get excited!

I have to thank my friend Marco hes is a big help. he pushed me to go really hard then my normal beast mode, ill never forget when he pushed me into cycling class wow! that sh** is kray kray! but i recommend it and with everything else in  my life so thank you Marco so much! love ya friend!

p.s i have a membership to the gym ha! lol my ass is always their on my grind! BEASTMODE!

Motivational / Music Moday

First heres what Daniel on Facebook had to say: "Death metal motivates me to pump like a beast lol"

motivation: Its something  that gives you that drive, that passion, that feel to do whatever it is you want to do in life.
I love ,love1!no mater what i will try my best to keep my love life private and then when were both ready to go public. Then we will but i always love with all my heart so thats why i chose this one. So go out there and gie your love.
Music: Its the chance to get lost for those 3minutes and be who you want and feel eveything inside of you like no one can ever judge you!

Im really loving this song since it came ou,t it can be taken in any way just like any song. so thank you katy perry.

busy bee! work,lucy,graduations,fathers day, workouts,summer!

Wow! lets not hold the breaks on this one! this is the busiest 3weeks of my life so far I'm going kray kray! but i love it my cousins and Friends have graduated school I'm so proud of you all! hmm Lucy is getting so big and smelly lol she has to stay inside more do to the heat:(
she has very sensitive skin and gets a heat rash poor baby!

I'm working my ass off at work and it feels so great to keep that up and put it first.

my workouts are getting kray and summer is on its way ahhhhhhh!!! hmm so life is getting wild but i love this. But sadly lol jk but for real i don't even have time for TV! wow! i know shocking lol thank gosh for dvr and re-runs lol

today work was so busy then got to the house backed 2 batches of cookies and played with Lucy watched the client list have kardashians on dvr for my day off to watch and did a vlog talked to my Friends and going to do a workout after this with perfect pushups and arms! yes winning! lol get excited!
oh! and made a 'like' page for facebook :) so get excited andd so much more in the works cant wait to tell yous guys!

ive made it 4yrs in texas wow!! lol

hers some pics aand vids from this week!