My Special Whistle

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Tuesday, May 1, 2012

It Happens Everyday.

 life...It isn't allways what we dream of. Or what we see in those movies or on that tv show we watched since we were kids or even the books we've read about all there lives.    life, it's rough or as a very ahmazing friend told me, "lifes a bitch!" as I sat there right next to my friend in the car in tears. Talking about our live's I replied back with "I think it's time we be a bitch right back!" we laughed and shared a big hug and a few more tears and went home.   life, it's a rollercoaster. Thease past few weeks have been one he'll of a ride for me in my life. I've opened up like never before. I have feelings and emotions i never knew I could even develop. Let alone have. I've broken so many walls I didn't know I had cred my eyes out as if I was about to die, got angry mad happy ran around like a person with no sence of what I was doing. I knew what I was doing but didn't know why I just didn't give myself time away from everyone. My intentions are good, my heart in the right place. But emotinaly I wasn't me for so long I held it all in with a smile and laugh. I was always so confident for everyone in life so happy for them all, so strong so loving so everything! I was living for them in my eyes i was Doing the right thing But i did it too much at times it was overbaring. I didn't mean it but it was all I knew as A thank you!    Life's a rollercoaster, we go up down and netrual. I thought i hit rock bottom before but nope this was it! I lost so much. But gained way more. Love,a new family & new friends, a new life and growing up. And so much more as I will go on with my life in a bag.   Life As We Know It, you can't ever thank that one person enough or repay them for what they have done. But to say I will always be here miles apart or days away I'm here to do it all for you! Thank you and I love you oh so much! Cake! And to all the others that have helped me here and popped that bubble of mine and my comfort zone I was in all along in this rode with my train wreck and all. I Want to say a huge thank you! Hugs and smiles all the way.  Like that someone special told me "Your a will be a butterfly very soon someday but you will, it's okay it happens everyday it's going to be okay, it will only get better from here"-someone special Thank you I love you so much! Thank you all so very much!