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Friday, September 28, 2012

Fashion Friday: Red Lips

A confident woman is a woman that owns it! At anytime you can walk in a room and stop them in there tracks with that great brain of yours. Red always means confident,love, and a show stopper.

The next time you go into the room on A big meeting, show them who's boss with a red lip it's a powerful statement along with the shows stopper outfit of yours.

Here are some woman that own it with a Red lip.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, September 27, 2012

Best Day So Far!

I had to blog this got letters from my cousins from Chicago so sweet!! I just love you guys so much! And Lucy was so lovey dovey tonight!! Full slobbery kisses all over!!;)

How was you're day today what was one thing that made you smile?

Thirsty Thursday: Naked Juice

If you haven't already tried this drink its a must! There affordable and all natural! Yes I said it 100% natural! And in so manny flavors I love them all. Im probably obsessed with them, my fav is the green machine. My friend Eliu loves them as we'll his is the 'blue machine' shown in the pic.

Oh! Btw there healthy an the clif bar also has natural energy as well, get drinking.

Wednesday, September 26, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday: A Simple Thank You

The world is always Turing, everyday, no mater who you are or who you think you're not.

Everyday someone has Hurt, everyday someone is sad, someone out there has it bad. Someone is always going to be a little more then you and someone might be a little less then you, the best thing to never, ever forget is a simple thank you to the ones who need it and deserve it.

We all can talk in every way weather it be singing or dancing or art or just a simple hug. Don't forget to tell someone thank you. It might mean more then you think...

Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Talented Tuesday: Jose Galvez, Model

 Jose is a Model that's right MODEL!
he struts his stuff as of right now in the state of Texas, but is going to be huge, world wide one day.
he takes great pics and is very photo friendly. He has all the right stuff he can smize with his eyes. smile very bright and has a great head on his shoulders. Tyra Banks her self would be very proud of him. look through some of his pics bellow.
contact jose on facebook:


Advice From Rob: Trust

 Trust: its the key to any relationship, weather it be a friendship,family,animals, significant other but trust is very important i always believe in being honest now, more then ever even if im scared and i will bible that! no mater what to be honest even if its hard and sacry someimes, but its best to tell the truth.

Monday, September 24, 2012

National Dog Week Lucy Daily Pics

This week is national dog week so Lucy wants you all to send pics and tweets us pics Instagram, Facebook,twitpic, Dailybooth and all you're pics so we can share and post them here!

Happy national dog week from Lucy and I!

Mommy Monday: Senny Crawford

 I love a good mom, more then anything a mom who knows how to get the job done but does what feels right and loves her kids with all her heart. That to me is a super hero why I decided to make Mommy Monday on my first Mommy is Senny Crawford she's a working mom and wife. So I talked I her about how she deals with it and what was her best advice on doing it all. So on a sunday afternoon I talked with Senny just about that.

 thank you seeny youre my first i love you!

Take look threw the gallery of pics

Rob: How are you Senny?

Senny: "Im great! Getting ice creams for me and my boys"

Rob: Fantastic, how do you spend you're day's off with you're family? What's a day like that like?

Senny: "We do random things. Anything from game days at home with board games or xbox and pizza, to going bowling or down to the go cart place on 146. We go fishing, Bounce USA. we also make up games at home. Whatever they ask is what we try to do.

My favorite family day was on Nathan's 7th birthday. All he wanted to do was go through car washes. The most random request for a birthday brought him the best day ever."

Rob: Wow that sounds like a really great day, sounds like you're boys are everything and family time is the world to you. Is it hard for you to go to work? And be a mom?

Senny:" My boys are the air in my lungs.

I dont remember having fun with my family growing up. So I want to leave behind the memories that my boys enjoyed their childhood and we had fun.

Yes, especially when Damian hugs my neck and doesnt want to let go as I am dropping him off."

Rob: Wow those are the memories they will always remember and you will always have in you're heart.

I see you got a new tattoo can you tell the meaning behind it?

Did you always know you wanted kids?

Senny: "The tattoo is two feathers. One day my boys grow up, spread their wings and leave my nest. These are the feathers that stay behind and I keep close to me.

I always saw myself having a family."

Rob: I love that so much it's really one of a kind. Wow!

Being a mom, wife and working woman how do you do it all?

Do you have bad days? Or the days where you want to throw in the towel?

Senny: "Somehow being mom/wife/working woman just works out. I don't always get the roles right, but my little family is very understanding and forgiving.

Working woman wise, yes there are bad days and I definitely want to throw in the towel. Mom/wife wise, the bad days are rare and I would never want to throw in the towel."

Rob: I love hearing that " I never want to throw in the towel" on being a mom and wife on you're bad days.

You balance them, and what works for you is good.

When people ask you the age old question " how do you do it?" What's you're response? When it comes to mom/wife/and working woman?

Senny:"It's cliche but... I just do."

Rob: When you had you're first child and new to the "mom club" did any one give you advice? How did you feel?

Can you give you're one best piece of advice to a new mom that's just When you had you're first child and new to the "mom club" did any one give you advice? How did you feel?

Senny:"Ask for help when you feel over-whelmed.

My advice to any new mom is...

Relax and enjoy every minute of it. Love, kiss, hug your baby as much as possible. Dont let anyone tell you that you're smoothering them. That's your baby! Enjoy them! One day they wont be that small anymore."
Rob: I like that great piece of advice that's perfect to me in every way because its so real and honest.

If you're boys were to read this one day, you're husband, friends, family or even a stranger. What would you want them to take from this first mommy Monday? Form you're mommy life?

Besides the best pice of advice you already gave.

Senny:"I don't know.

Maybe I just want then to know that I try hard. That more than anything I want them to be happy."

btw this is prob my fav pic of her son damian lol love him and his toys lol

Sunday, September 23, 2012

Sunday Skin: Spoons,Freezer&Puffy Eyes

Beauty tip time!

Step 1: get spoons
Step 2: put them in freezer and leave them there or if in a Hurry leave them in for 5mins till they are cold.
Step 3: place them on the puffy bags of you're eyes till they aren't cold any more and move them around as show in the pic at the same time. Then the puffiness is gone.

I always leave mine in the freezer turns out I ways need them with hardly any sleep. More tips to come.