My Special Whistle

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Saturday, September 15, 2012

Friday, September 14, 2012

Two Wrongs Don't Make A Right

Growing up my grandparents always taught me that no mater what someone does to you, that no mater how much they hurt you, or even are rude to you, "two wrongs don't make a right". They are very right.

I know even now that they are very right. If someone hurt me why go and spread the hurt right back? Why go on again and do what they do to me on to someone else? Or even right to them? If I wanted to show them a "lesson" I would go on with my own life and tell myself "lesson learned" that's a closed chapter now. Move and go.

I have been hurt recently and I've seen people recently get hurt badly. And some think/say "well karma is a b****" that may be true but if it's karma then let karma do it's job, not you. You go and be you and be happy. Everyone deserves happiness.

Thursday, September 13, 2012

Outside Looking In

 Ive never felt the need to go and ask for someones approval or let alone for someones help. I am and i have always been a strong person. I know that not everything is perfect. I have tried to achieve perfection but that's not a bad thing. To me its my life and how i see it. we all see our lives different. Not everyone has the same dreams not everyone has the same goals or views on love of life its self. not many people  can stand in a room and say a huge speech. not many people can dance or not many people can workout as much as the next person and that's alright.
  My life is always going so fast it never stops and that's okay. I can always tell when  things are going to go bad or when i just have to put my smile up or even sometimes cry my eyes out. its not always fun to do. but sometimes it has to be done. i have goals and dreams..... which is what i call my goals, my dreams. lately, well recently my life was going well, so i thought. I tried to keep it together like i always do, but i needed and what i wanted were two different things.

 I knew i had to stay busy and focus and do what i had to do, i know i have to be happy i know my life is my life and no one Else's but hey, were all human we all make mistakes we all need a good pow-wow every now and then and my time was last week the tears weer all over the place at any given time. I thought i was doing great but i did what i do when it gets rough i say I'm fine and smile. But it was a lot. A lot had recently happen that i didn't take time away from i went straight to shooting a video bloging or working or just something.
 At the end of the day family and close friends, yeah even you coworkers and people you work with see something that isn't you anymore that you cant hide. so i took a few days off and had some talks and asked my self "what was wrong? whats really wrong? why are you crying?"
 So when i did that i felt more different like i could breathe endless talks with the people i love and care about so much made me realize so very much i love who i am. things weer simple to me and they are one day ill get my fairy-tale one day, but for right now ill keep following my heart and live my life and keep growing every day, my dog and i.
  I just wanted you all to know as much as you all say i help you in any difficult time in youre life you all help me. its the outside looking in. this song reminded me when i was younger and listened to it for the same reason so listen. love. laugh. and dream. remember don't forget to smile because you are special. i love you.

   P.S thank you all so very much i love you