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Saturday, May 26, 2012

Where Ever I go.

We all here those sayings where people say "ugh i hate my family" or " you cant choose the family you were born into but you can choose your friends". I remember a qoute in middle school my art teacher gave us "show me our friends and ill show you who you are"

 Shes was a kind and smart woman. I always say and i mean it, that the people that are around me ill always care for no matter what with all my heart! no mater if things get rough ill be there for them no matter.Once i say ill potect you im there! i can have no money in the bank no food in my fridge but ill be there with open arms hugs and my llife and love and anything i can to be there.

 Freinds become your family. I remember growing up seeing people in gangs and knowing some of them had no family, that was there family. as bad as it was that really its there family bad or bad or good they protected one another no mater what they made a commitment! or when teens are in "cliuqes" at school thats there family, some look forward to going to school just for that, i know i was one of them. i Iwould see it first hand and then some.

 Life has this fun way of saying "hey, your not alone" I have my dog my friend marco told me that my family is what i make of it no mater what anyone says. Hes right! he told me lucy and i were family! also who ever i alow into it just like Marco,kike& juan are my new family ill always protect them! and as for julie eliu patty saul milo elizabeth yesy brenda franka and alba. were a family just like my real biological family is. and i love my tia lupe tia yoly teresa and jessica.

So the point is no mater where you are or who you are it doesnt mater what people can and will say about your family. if your happy with your dog or your kray friends well, then thats all you need and no ones aproval.

Im a lion i will always protect my cubs no mater wha.t till the end of time where ever i go. ill always be there for yous guys no mater what I hope yous know youll be with me where ever i go on this roller coaster life of mine.