We Almost Died In The Fire

 #newvideo - We Almost Died In The Fire

Thursday, January 24, 2013

Bully's Suck, But You Do NOT!

So late this evening I was tweeted by some friendly guy that had nothing better to do, but to not only tweet me several times. But also tweet Jenna marbles and everyone else. About how he hated them and how I was a gay queer who had aids as shown in the snap shot I took in my iPhone.

I just wanted to point out that people like this are just down right awful. They don't go very far living there life like this at all. Not in any way. People that are always mean and nasty they don't just say to them self one day, "I'm going to be rude and hateful to everyone!" Remember that these people have a heart and somewhere down the line they will use it. I really do hope they will.

Also remember that two wrongs do not make a right. Hate pulse hate only brings bad in the world. Lets just love and smile and stop the hate. Don't feed into things like this my little melon gum drops. Always be you! And love who you are!

This is what I wrote as the caption on Instagram "This guy, isn't he sweet doesn't even know me and tweets me this. I get things like this all the time even in person. But people like him aren't happy with there own life so they try to hurt others. As he's still tweeting hateful things to me, I won't reply with hate back. Because my Tia lupe and grandparents raised me well. So remember my friends don't let bully's hurt you in anyway. I love you."