Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Friday, September 7, 2012

FlashBack Friday: Whats a 960?

 We use these at work, You scan stuff with them this was when i worked overnights for a week. LOL the guys face behind me is priceless LOL.

Have a Great Weekend.

Wednesday, September 5, 2012

Just Me And My Doghter

 i took these pics lasst week late at night when we were playing around lol
the other night Lucy and i wer in bed just goofing off lol and this is what we did before we went to bed lol i love my dog shes just my everything:)

Advice From Rob: Breaking up

I know breaking up is tuff and its not easy. most of the time some people move to fast or some people dont move at all. youre heart wants what youre heart wants its really hard for you not to follow whats right. but i say o with it! ive had to recently and this is where im at with it all and im much more in a better place. my family and friends always tell me youre happieness comes first and that is very true so i love you. love Rob

Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Talented Tuesday: Jonny Gaspar Morin Photographer

Jonny is a great photographer! have you seen his pics? there sick! and the cool thing is there so high fashion! love them all some make me go wow! LOL but that's what i love there everything hes a great photographer and loves what he does you can really tell you can view more of his pics on his website and contact him for a photo shoot! ahh how exciting?! you can also 'like' his facebook page and follow him on twitter i wish you all the best and more to come jonny!
Heres His Website:
FaceBook Fan Page:
Follow Him On Twitter:

Monday, September 3, 2012

My 100th Blog Post Is To You MY READERS!

With so much always going on in my life all around me and i don't even know where to begin but i want to thank you all who read my blogs daily oooooor when ever i can LOL! but for real! its to you!!!
More to come!!!
You all ask for beauty tips, diet tips, workout tips, tips maybe even? LOL! and life and love and anything. weather I'm updating you on my life or the ahmazing people i meet out on the street this is for you, anyone so thank you for reading i love to write i someday want to have so many books and a talk show but for now thank you for everything hugs and smiles a nd remember dont forget to smile because youre special.
Heres a few of my fav pics i posted on my blog:



love Rob