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Thursday, June 21, 2012

What Did i use? part 2 of 3

Quick Trim,Naked Juice,Green Tea,Protein Bars,skinny Girl Margaritas,splendas and getting natural.

 I used quick Trims burn and cleanse 14 day system for the 14 days and it really helped burn the fat big time gave me that boost of energy and no jitters and shakes at all. and tastes like grape. i used it the last week of January and first week of February and was done and felt great. so now you know i used that.

Naked juice's are so good and great for you, just try them don't go eeewww! lol the green machine is my fav!

i don't like artificial stuff so I've let go of the pop and took on this sometimes ill have a diet coke. i always use splenda in tease and coffees. protein bars are so good for an on the go meal and fill you up oh and are healthy!
My friend Marco knows I'm obsessed with nature valley bars their 100% natural and sooooooo good! lol try them and for drink he showed me a great margartia mix thats zero calories but i always go with my girl bethenny frankels drink and i looove margaritas skinny girl margaritas!!!! and all her line lol

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