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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Advice From Rob: LOVE/ Q&A Interview

 So excited my first Q&A ever! aabout my fav topic on love! giving you my advice and advice from someone else. thank you cousin terri for wannting to do this. you have such an ahmazing heart. i was so honnered that you let me do this and took this time out of youre night.

watch the video and read the ahmazing Q&A of a womans with a heart the never stoped loving.

  • Rob: where do you stand on love?

  • Terri:"As of recently, I stand on a test. A test to prove how much I really love someone. Having to remind myself that this separation is temporary. That the distance is a sacrifice that will one day be worth it. I stand on being faithful til the end. I stand on staying hopeful. "

  • Rob:I like that shows a lot about a person and on where you're heart stands. Have you always felt this way? Or is this person the first you have fallen this hard for?

  • Terri:"I've never been put in this situation. It's all new to me. It's not the first person I've fallen for but it is the best person I've fell for."
  • Rob:Before when you were in love, did you put you first or was the other person you're main priority?

  • Terri:"Well that was the mistake in my past relationship. I made them my first priority. When really you should always put yourself first. Bc if you don't learn to love and respect yourself first then how could you understand to do that for someone else? It's tough to do at first, I'll admit, but you'll feel better once you place yourself first."

  • Rob:Most people are on the fence with that one I was the old you as well. I'm also learning how to put my self first. But I do love me more now. Which brings me to my next question. In dealing with a breakup... How did you deal with the bad ex(as in a horrible breakup) and a good ex( a break up that wasn't so bad) ?

  • Terri:"The difference is completely apparent. With my bad ex, I had to learn (and still am learning) to not pay attention to the scars they have left on me. With a bad ex, you can never forget the past with them. especially if it ended badly. Therefore you can't continue a friendship.
    Now with a good ex, when terms have ended nicely or amicably you still feel a sense of friendship and kindness. And inevitably the love is still there."
  • Rob:Do you mind me asking if you could date an ex again and try it all over again would you? In the case if the love we're different then before, knowing what you know now.

  • Terri:"No I wouldn't. I don't like to repeat something like that. IF it must be repeated then I'd love to re-experience it with someone different. Which is what happened to me. And it was better."
  • Rob:I'm really happy for you I've never thought of it that way. I'm sure most of us haven't. Are you the kind that falls in love fast? Or how do you go about love? Hopeless Romantic?
  • Terri:"Ah yes. I don't admit to this but deep down I am a sucker for being a hopeless romantic. And to be honest, I do fall inlove fast but I'm also a very protective/ cautious person abt myself. So as easily as I fall I'm very careful with it."
  • Rob:"Honest is good, the heart wants what the heart wants. I always believe in following you're heart. Have any advice for someone that is just getting into a relationship and getting out of one?
  • Terri:"The best advice I could say about getting into a relationship, would be, take things slow. Enjoy all the little moments. Cherish that person purely. No judgement, just pure admiration. Take things day by day, and see how lovely the time goes by before it flashes away.
    To those getting out of a relationship, just know that the nights may be the hardest of nights. But if you can make it through that then there's a brighter day waiting for your arrival. There's sun shining on the other side of the sadness or heartbreak. And know that you will be loved the way you deserved to be loved."

  • Rob:Wow that's inspiring I myself am In love and I love with myself more and knowing this now. I can go on to love someone even more. You're a very wise young woman. You're still young but down the line what's will you tell you're children when they want to know about love?

  • Terri:"When my children want to know about love, Ahh I love this :)
    I would simply tell them this, "Love is paitent, love is soft, love is tough and love is beautiful. You can't turn it off or on. Love is respect. Love is honesty, love is faithful. Remember that love makes the flaws look flawless and the perfections imperfect. Love forgives and love prospers. And most of all, in this world that's full of hate and horror, love is what conquers all."

  • Rob:That's so beautifully spoken. I admire strong woman like you and such a kind heart. If you're heart can say something about how its feeling right now what would it say?

  • Terri:"Ohhh thank you dear!
    Right now my heart would probably say, even though it's lonely, there's just a fire of hope that remains burning. Soon it'll rejoice with happiness and joy. It feels that even though these days and nights are tough, soon it'll be worth it! Sooner than I think."

  • Rob:Love is very powerful, the most powerful thing in the world. You're welcome. What's something you would want someone to take from you? That's all you. From this.
  • Terri:"What I would like for someone to take out of this would be the sincerity in my thoughts. I hope when people see this they feel like, they're not alone. That many people experience something lovely or heartbreaking. Love is like the good, the bad and the ugly but we must remember we gotta take love as it comes. Love is a part of life. I hope people feel that just because it didn't work out the first time doesn't mean the next time doesn't exist. Because it does!
    And I hope those who are madly in love right now enjoy it to the fullest because its a lovely feeling. At the end of the day I hope people just love others the way they'd like to be loved."