My Special Whistle

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Wednesday, November 5, 2014

Im Still Here, inside and out.

 It's insane that parts get ripped apart and ruined. Did you know that things sometimes aren't easy to find when you loose them? I know it's tuff for people to find them.

  But did you know I'm great at finding things? Really I am in my friends and family I'm know for it you loose something I'm the master at it like boom here it is I found it! There like whoa your great and amazing I'm like it was easy. Yeah easy it is for me. 

 I have no clue why I told you that story but I think I do Because I'm me. I am lost, and need someone who's great at finding things like me? I'm here but floating, not like a root beer float or a boat but like a person in a river in a water fall not like Pocahontas Because I can't swim but like the little bird or a rock, rocks can't float so yeah you get it? 

 I'm right here though I'll be fine I have my tough days like you all even when I'm super happy there's so much going on but it's not my place nor is it right for me to move a jenga piece. But you know what? I'll be okay and so will you all its not like this roller coaster will stay down for so long I'll fix it with help I have tools and so do you. Okay? I love you and don't forget smile.