My Special Whistle

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Sunday, May 12, 2013

Lucky To Have Moms Thank You

So thankful to have so many woman in my life i don't ever really talk about it but I don't have a mom my grandparents and family members raised me all over but I'm so very thankful for all of them especially my Tia lupe I love her she's my mom. I love you all thank you.

Congrats On Your Engagement Ericka!

Ahh I'm so excited for my friend ericka! We were at work a couple days ago and her boyfriend came in and told me he was going to pop the question! Ahh you guys can not even believe how excited I was it was so hard for me not to tell her ahh I was on air and it wasn't even for me.

 HE was going to do it Sunday but I can already tell he was so very happy he was telling everyone! So happy and excited he did it when we were at work that day, he told me he got on his knee and told her and she said yes!  Ahh I'm excited even writing this. There so in love it's magical I can tell they love each other so much every time they see each other they just look into each others eyes and its like the first time they've meet all over again. They already have a little family and now this, I can't wait she's getting her happily ever after with her Prince Charming. I'm so happy for you my dear friend much love from me and my dog Lucy! Ahh still excited.

 P.s I was telling everyone and yelling all over work when she got engaged!