My Special Whistle

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Friday, July 6, 2012

Fashion Friday: all about the corals, and saving!

This look is simple and ver afordable this hole look was under 70$! i know cheap right? heres the break down on todays outfit.

shorts target:20$
Shades old navy: 6$
shirt marshallas: 8$
shoes walmart: 18$

I Saw A Baby Monkey?

  Yesterday on my run, I was just about finished and doing lunges then at the corner of my eye i seen this man with a baby monkey on his arm!! LOL! i was freaking out. i could not believe how cute this was so i had to ask if i could take a pic of her. i forgot her name soo ill call her mandy the monkey lol. isn't she cute?

 Happy Friday everyone and enjoy your weekend!! and be safe! love Rob!

Thursday, July 5, 2012

ThrowBack Thursday: Tan too much LOL!

In may Patty,Rick and i went into the pool to get some sun, lol ummm Rick kept telling us to get out but patty and i insisted on getting some more color lol! we kept joking about the tanorexic mom

 lol joke was on me i got burnt like a cookie! lol heres my before and after and some fun tanning pics ive seen in the media lol!

Do You Work Here?

heres what i wore in the video:
Shirt From Express

Ive had tons of jobs over the years, i always get asked this question.
"do you work here?"

LOL! really? its the question i think most of us get asked no matter where you work at and you just smile and inside i know most of you, at times, i know i want to be a smart ass and say
" No, Sorry i don't work here"

NEW video enjoy! lol

Tuesday, July 3, 2012

sweet dreams

Goodnight sweet dreams

Talented Tuesday: Alexis Mancio

This is a great photographer I've been friends with on facebook, his talent is unreal! you just take one look at his pics and just wow! he get really into his work and plays no joke when it comes to his passion and dream. i have a feeling this guy is going to be really big one day! watch out world...

Here's more info on where to get a hold of him.
           owner of Weird Al Photography - studio 91 - located 5040 s. Central Phoenix, az 85040

3 things to 'like' on facebook

My friend alondra has a fashion boutique and its all affordable fashions, you show them where you can get a lower price and they will beat them! don't believe me? 'like' them yourself and msg them to find out more about Alondras Formals!

Click this to go to Alondras Formals

Rob Regan Photography is an awesome photographer! you have to check out his pics there ahmazing! i was so shocked because they are all so stunning one right after the other 'like' him on facebook to see what i mean.

Last butt not least me lol 'like' my page on facebook i post fun stuff there Lucy runs it sometimes as well lol

Lucy Begs

I love this pic of Lucy lol my dog is just too cute!! i asked if she wanted a dog treat and she puts her paw up lol!

Monday, July 2, 2012

Help Meg "Kick Cancer!"

I found this video on youtube, she is such a strong girl spread the word and lets help meg in any way we can! go meg!
you can also donate to her facebook store right HERE
watch the video!

Make Checks payable to

Meg Castellanos

Send Donations to
Studio 14 Hundred
PO Box 290038
San Antonio, Texas 78280-1438

Motivational Monday

I went to Church Recently, it was a very great day i felt that service the whole day!
this church in crosby always has the most beutiful art work on the wall i love this qoute and wanted to share with you guys enjoy and get motivated!

says: "wisdom...I need to make the wise chocie"

What A Week: Lucy's bday,Work,Growing up

Wow the whole month of jully flew by so fast. i cant even begin to tell you how busy i have been and just getting started with my life i really feel like im growing up for the first time. i really mean it but its like i say "you can talk the talk but can you walk the walk?"

I can finally say yes, i may be doing just that. as everyone says i walk like a model like if im on a runway lol! but i really do feel diffrent in every way. even with little things. for starters with my dog lucy im not so overprotecting of her i let her off the leash at the park and let people run with her now she loves that.

Ive lost 35lbs and and feel more confident but not only becuse of that, because i have a better understanding of life and my self and what i value more and who i am. and someone along the way told me how i had a great body and looked cute and just a diffrent feel of those words really helped thank you tigger!
life its self has me going kray kray! im doing so much but i love it i remember i told my friend marco i dont sleep i take naps and now its even more true then ever! i cant wait to tell you guys along the way of whats more to come. sooo get excited. have you ever felt a big change in your life that just woke you up one day? or maybe even someone that shook up youre whole world and opened you up in a whole new way? thats my friend Marco. he did that thank you for forever and everthing lets get excited! so did my tia yoly.cousin jessica, and tia lupe kike and juan.

were going to be on this ride together and i know im not alone so dont be scared lets all get excited!

I cant belive it Lucy my dog is already 3yrs young! wow! in dog yrs thats 21 lol were the same age!
i love her oh so much she the most best thing thats ever happen to be were eant to be!
happy 3rd bday lucy lulu carrasco my doghter!

Sunday, July 1, 2012

Happy Birthday To My doghter Lucy Cake,Cake,cake!

Im the worlds most happiest dad! i love my dog so much she makes me oh so very happy! with all the love in the world we have for one another since day1! we were ment to be! she makes me oh so happy i love you lulu! my pumkin! even with all youre shedding hair all over the palce when you pee on the bed or when you tared up  the carpet in our bedroom! LOL! my dog just makes me oh so happy i die for her!

heres some pics of lucy through the years! :)