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Friday, August 3, 2012

Flashback Friday: TRUE Love Pat-Rick

okay, can we just awe over this pic of Patty and Rick? how cute are they? what a throw back i die for the cuteness!! LOL! love them they are so ahmazing i always love hearing how they fell in love every time over and over it never gets old to me because every time they say it, they say it with so much love in their eyes. ahh its true love.

They are always so very supportive of one another. and right there hand and hand day by day no mater what brings joy to my heart knowing that one day it truly is possible for me to have the love that i want, that love is so pure beautiful and ahmazing. they live a wonderful life of love since so young rick said "they were going to get married" patty knew she wanted rick and ever since there teen years they have been together ever since :) ahhh love, it truly is the most powerful thing in the world :) love you guys so much!

heres a few pics of them over the years :)

Wednesday, August 1, 2012

Top 10 Obsessions from July!

1. MY Boyfriend-Love

he always has the most ahmazing thins to say and songs we both love and tell one another to here its so mmagical hes just so fantastic in every way. <3 he makes my heart skip a beat ill be his jelly bean now and forver he knows he makes me so happy and i know i make him happy he knows how to make me smile and i love to make him laugh and look into his eyes were in this together now and forever.

2.My dog lucy-Birthday girl
I just love my dog so very much she means the world to me i cant belive shes already 3 years old! wow the time trully dose go buy fast i remember when she was just 3months old when i adopted her from the baytown dogpound ahh seems like just yesterday she was climbing at that gate i put her in the car and she thew up in my lap and peed in the house that first day love her so much weve been unseprable ever since.


3.StarCast Auditions-Acting it out

Im following my dreams in a whole new way and goign for it and owning it! acting has always been a passion of mine as long as i could remember and so much more that i cant wait to share with you all.

4.Terri-My cousin/Night owl

we talk every day #bible lol we use hashtags in our text messages lol!! love you! were up till we fall asleep which is like realllllly late but thats okay and we tell eachother everything and anything i just love her to bits shes just so ahmazing my best friend cousin shes the sister i never had (lets say it together) AWWWWW! lol

5.Working Out-Tight A**

i love to workout and i have been working out at least everyday non stop and its bad a** so much fun i feel really great and with the help of quick trim feels reat too lol!

6.Work-He Works Hard For The Money

I have a full time job now and i feel great working hard for what i need and going for what i want in life and im always  busy doing somethin but never to busy for my first two loves My dog and My love My boyfriend they mean the world to me. but i love it that i work real hard and i really like it.

7.Arin-My little Brother

My little brother Arin from day uno we clicked! lol hes the little brother i never had i always have his little back lol and he says "youre the big ay brother i never had" awww hes so cute lol but were there for each other and i dont want anyone to hurt him or youre going dowwwn town! lol

8.YouTube-New Videos Every Thursday

i love youtube i put out advice and share my stories, and go through life and grow with you and play and have fun at the same time were all in this together my pae recently passed 1,000 views! wow thank you all so much for standing by me it means the world that you all read my blog and watch my vids i do it all for you!

9.Bloging-I Love To Write

I love to write and sit down and share my stories and life with you all and tips and what else i know its so much fun to me i hope you all enjoy it as much as i do lets keep it moving :)

10.Clean Skin-Feels Great!

Ive never had skin like this as long as i could remember i have had problems with my skin and its not fun i know how it feels somedays they come and go but im eatin better and doing tips and stuff ill be sharing with you all soon! best tip cetaphil stuff is like magic for my sensitve skin works great and tons of water i hardly get any sleep so trust me it works.


Tuesday, July 31, 2012

Talented Tuesday: Lupe Carrasco Yanez, Mother

My tia lupe shes an ahmazing incredible woman she can do anything she has the biggest heart in the world! she cares for everyone shes not so mushhy gusshy but she has her way of showing she loves you. Shes like a mom to me i can tell her anything she  might roll her eyes at times but shes right there for me at all times shes so hard on us because she loves us. she only and always wants the best for us.

Recently a couple month i went to her "mansion" lol thats what i call her house and she looks ahmazing just stunning my tia isn't one to take pics, so i knew when she was posing for me she was proud and happy she is so fab in every way. Jessica.Anthony.Olivia and i all love you so very much tia! Besos!!! shes an ahmazing woman of the Carrasco Family!

Monday, July 30, 2012