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Saturday, October 27, 2012

Halloween's past

Which is you're fab costume? Are you dressing up this year? Send me you're cool costumes!l

Tweet/Instagram yore pics to me with the hashtag #robscc

Thursday, October 25, 2012

Amber Gives Birth Video

 The day is finally here i can show you all this amazing magical day. it was so amazing to be there for my friends Amber and Justin. you just can even describe it. But you can watch it now. this is one day in my fairytale life i will never forget.

I love you Amber and Justin and the new little bundle of joy Aubrie

watch the video here or on YouTube/therobcarrasco

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

Tattoo Tuesday part 2

Oh hello there, another ink moment brought to you by the pink squid from Finding Nemo? LOL! Just kidding but isn't that squid cute? Okay on with the cool tattoos now.

Okay there's this guy with the abbs he has a tattoo of Kim kardashians logo and other stuff wow!

How cool are the tattoos? I'm still obsessed with how much art and email people put in to them it's so awesome.

Picnicking With Patty

I just love Patty so much it seems now that we all have so much going on in our lives thats we just love to catch up. it feels so grown up now having to spend even the little time we can with each other, means so much to all of us. We love to catch up. I love my friends so much there more then friends there my family. Today was so much fun.

Monday, October 22, 2012

Mommy Monday: Amber Work

Im so very excited I can hardly contain myself so I better use autocorrect really good. My dear friend amber just had her baby as most of you may know. I was there every step of the way even before baby. And now through sleepless nights and back pains and the little cravings she had here and there. She even let me be there the day she had the little pumpkin. Im so honored that Justin and amber let me be there. I'm so happy for them. Together they have made the most beautiful baby girl.

Thank you amber for letting me be there and I still am here even after baby. I'm so very happy for you. You're a great mom already I can't wait till you can take her to school and everything. I love you.

Happy Mommy Monday everyone.


Rob: How did you find out you wer pregnant?

Amber:"Missed my period in February."

Rob: that's a quick way to find out. Did you take a at home pregnancy test?

Amber:" Yes I actually took two."

Rob: good, Who was the first person you told? Wer you scared?

Amber:"I told my mom first then Justin. I wasn't necessarly scared I was more afraid of what Justin reaction would be."

Rob: That's always the first reaction. I would have been the same way. Have you always wanted children?

Amber:"Yes. I've always wanted at least one boy one girl"

Rob: that's the perfect little family. So you're the first mommy that I've ever done a Q&A with that's still with child you're 39weeks pregnant now. So lets go back about 8 months.

Did you get any of those symptoms?

Amber:"I had every symptom. Nausea , headaches , cravings, weight gain. You name it I had it!"

Rob: Yes that's pretty much all of them. Did you're breast get really hard? Did you have a lot of stretch marks? If so how did you deal with them?

Amber:" Just soreness in my breast but nothing really. I've always had strtchmarks so they don't bother me , I feel like every woman has them or will."

Rob: Yes That's true, have you started to leak at anytime yet? What's something that has been that "wow" moment in you're pregnancy?

Amber:"I noticed they leak when I take a hot shower or bath. I think my wow moment would be just feeling her kick or move. Its truly amazing feeling your baby move inside of you."

Rob: We're you scared to have you're baby if anything could go wrong?

Amber:"I was only scared of something happing to her. There's always a risk."

Rob:Very true. In you're last months of pregnancy how did you feel? Can you describe what you felt like and went through?

Amber:"My last couple months were probably the hardest. I feel like it completely took a toll on my body and I was extremely exhausted . I felt like I never got sleep and I started to feel sick again. My back was hurting more and I actually was starting to get stomach cramps just cause she had no room left. I would have to sleep with a heating pad and soak in a hot bath. But it was definitely worth every second."

Rob: That's a real mommy for you, all the real pain right there.

Okay now you're the first mom I've done almost due at any moment. the last day you were pregnant were you "ready"?

Amber:"I was absolutely ready. I waited for that day for nine months. It couldn't have came any sooner."

Rob: So now the day is finally here, the day you can hold you're baby in you're arms. How did that feel the first time you saw her?

Amber:"I don't think you can put into words the emotion you feel the first time you see your baby. I just know I was overwhelmed with happiness and joy. I love her more then anything in the world she completely stole my heart."

Rob: Don't make me cry now. That's so beautiful there are no words even for the way you described that feeling.

So now, first day home with you're baby how was that like with you, Justin and the new bundle of joy?

Amber:"First day home was good. We are blessed with such great parents that Justins mom actually came the first day so we could get some sleep. After she left we were up for 22 hours straight, talk about exhausting."

Rob: Aww that is very blessed indeed. What a great family. That's motherhood for you.

What's the best price of advice someone has given you so far?

Amber:"Best advice was to just relax and make sure to never take anything out on Justin. Were both new to this and we have to work together."

Rob: That's really good advice I haven't heard that one before, it so true you are both very new and doing a great job.

What's the best advice you can give?

Amber:"Sleep when the baby sleeps for sure. Its the best way for you to get rest."

Sunday, October 21, 2012

Sunday Skin: A Good Mask Or Two

This one well is very wow! But thats cool, I do it for you guys to show you all this crazy stuff to help you. So don't be shy.

So I were two different masks on two different days. The white one is noxzema mask, its white and goes on great ad hydrates you're skin. Brings all the bad stuff to surface. If my skin is really bad I sleep with it on and it doesn't dry up my face. My skin is very sensitive so okay to use. I always wash my face before and after I put it on, With cetaphil.

The next mask I use the next day is, min julep masque mask. You can buy these anywhere an off brand or the real brand. I leave this one on for only 15 minuets, now this one will over dry anyone's face. Anything that has came to surface with the Noxzema mask will dry up. Remember to wash you're face good and to exfoliate.

I will talk about that next week happy face masking. What products do you use for a face mask?

Here's pics of my mask ;)