My Special Whistle

  #newvideo is live a #storytime of My Special Whistle, this special video is dedicated to my special friend Sam​, for everyone that always ...

Friday, July 12, 2013

Park cardio Abbs and leg day

Pic from yesterday's cardio and abb workout at the park with my doghter. 1,000 sets of different abbs, a game of soccer also legs, lunges and sqauts, fun. Lucy loves the park. #5weekchallenge #ilovemydog 

Smashy-nana protein

Hi guys, try this heathy snack. I made this yesterday after our workout. One banana, two scoops of all natural peanut butter and whole wheat honey grain oat crackers. Enjoy. #fitness

Thursday, July 11, 2013

Bulking of week two done

Just finished my 2nd workout of the day. #bulking up was all of second week of the #5weekchallenge for me now week3. Working on abbs even more and back to fast cardio so stocked I love #fitness! #beastmode 

I smile for little ol you


Tuesday, July 9, 2013

Leg and abb day will feel it tomorrow

Worked on legs and abbs today I'm going to feel it in the morning for my next workout! Yes!! #beastmode #5weekchallenge 

Monday, July 8, 2013

Mid June post up progress

-mid June 138lbs gaining muscle bulking a bit and going harder on workouts and lifting more. #beastmode in full on effect! #5weekchallenge 

Wow 67subs and 6,776 views!

This is so amazing! Thank you guys so much! 67 subscribers and 6,776 views on my youtube Chanel  holy cow! I've never had 6,776 anything in my life besides all of Lucy's dog hair. Wow I love you all so much and give you so many hugs thanks for being here as I am for you. It truly does mean the world to me and my fury child it's what I love it do.