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Friday, May 24, 2013

Happy Birthday Mother!

Oh how I love my Tia lupe my mother of mine! She's literally mother hen. You are the best woman we all know I mean besides grandma she can't even remember when she texted Someone it's okay, we still love her. I love you to! My little milk shake you! 

 You have taught me so much and yet so little, oh no! Which means I still need you to teach me more stuff like how to pay bills on time, how to change my kids pamper( that is when ever I get a human child) I also need you to show me how to make rice without it burning at the bottom you know like without it sticking or getting all black and gross then I'm all like ugh forget this I'm throwing away the pot after I sever everyone burnt rice. I don't have time to scrub this I'm going to hit the gym. Or how about who will teach me what's good wine and how I should not say bad words when I'm nervous. Or what about if someone leaves me in a house all alone again and then I have to sit watching the darn twilight movies and don't know which movie goes in order! Only you can prevent a forest fire. Just kidding you don't burn things you make good food omg like that one time you made me that food you know that one? or how about that you know I always want cereal before bed and can't drink regular milk because ill poop or vomit all over the place! Who will tell my future husband that? Stop trying to be crazy and all grown its making me sad and sweat from my eyes your growing up so much! 

 So yeah I think that's pretty much all the stuff you will have to teach me I know your just 21 but hey, someone has to teach this 5year old some new things and how to wipe my ass from time to time.  

 I love you so much! Hope you have a wonderful birthday month and you smile big and bright and shake your booty which reminds me why is your but so big and everything I eat go to my but? See look inappropriate things I say! Okay Lucy and I love you so very much besos!!