We Almost Died In The Fire

 #newvideo - We Almost Died In The Fire

Wednesday, October 2, 2013

This Is The Love Of My Life, Arin


 This is the love of my life, the one that truly holds the key to my heart that makes me laugh, that makes me smile, that makes my heart just skip a beat when he's around, and even when he's not.  He's the reason why I never gave up on true love. You know that feeling you get with all the butterflies in your stomach when you see that someone you really, really love? Yeah that's what happens when I see him and when I'm around him,when I look into his eyes, when I lay my head on his heart just to have a listen to every beat. 

 This is not just my fairytale come true any more it's also his and Arin, I love you so much. I will always be right here for you even Lucy. We love little channel to she's such a good dog. And I love you your heart its my world little bear. Here we go together hand in hand to our fairytale life I love you so much. My heart is happy and I'm happy that your heart is happy. I love you.