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Thursday, April 28, 2011

Life and how we thought it would be..

  We always go on to life and think is this our last day here is this the only person im going to love or is this really where im ment to be?? we cant always nor will we know if it will be our last day or if it will be a "new beging" or that "new chapter" in our lives we just have to live it. also live with it, now i dont mean go into a great depression becuse your life is over if you feel that way. No waht i mean on that is breath for a second and have your moment  dont be sad all the time or hurt all the time trust me theres so much more and worst out there. But with that said there is also so much great out there too. Wouldnt you want to go to a better place where your dreams come true where your heart speaks too everyone on what it has been holding inside?
I know the answer to that is YES who wouldnt but so many of us give up so fast and end it all so fast. i never understood why, is it becuse of all the sadness of all the lonley-ness in life? who knows diffrent people diffrent perspectives on life. now we dont ever know what tomorrow will bring on later on in the day we could get married in a month someone could be pregnant right now, or you could catch and cold just by walking out the door. but what you should know is gving up or hating the way you look or feel is not the way life was ment yeah we have our ups and down days so do i where we feel "fat" or too "skinny" or even not pretty. but its like the lady gaga song says "baby you wer born this way...and god makes no mistakes"