We Almost Died In The Fire

 #newvideo - We Almost Died In The Fire

Thursday, May 17, 2012

Truth Heals,Denial Hurts.

  When so many of us are conflicted with eaither telling others on how we truly feel or on admiting something to ourselves, we go on with the old saying to others and in our head with "truth hurts"

If you can admit to yourself that what is right is right and what is wrong well.. is wrong then you can heal your self. most people cant tell the truth from a lie. Ill admit it I was one of "those people" I lie to pretend its alright but its not and I did for so long if i just say im sad or hurt then I would be healing my self in the process. but since I never did and said "Im fine, Everythings okay" that  wasnt healing that was hurt. I would have been best to say how I felt, like that other old saying "the truth will set you free"

Next time someone tells you "truth hurts doesnt it?!" you can raise your head and smile because you know it doesnt. It will hurt more to the person who is in denial.

Monday, May 14, 2012

A voice

we all have a voice.
weather we know how to use it or chose to share it is up to us we can say what we feel out loud and screem and say waht we feel but we have to use it!

when were scared our voice gets lost in the mixed of our emotions and life its self aamong other things. we lie when we dont know we are angry with the ones we care for we hide behind something that isnt us. we have to own it at everytime anytime and speak up on how you feel if you dont you will just wash away in the mix of it all and fade oh so very fast with everyone. then you are not you.

so next time you feel something on your mind, you feel hurt or sad or mad or even you need to stand up for yourself do so its a voice within its YOU.