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Saturday, June 16, 2012

Stop bullying!

bullying:its the worst thing anyone can do to hurt someone. i was a victim of it and still am at times but its never right at all any case.

Its so sad when someone takes there life because of this. they/we have so much to live for life should never have to get this way ever!
watch the video here click the link.

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Its My obsession to get NAKED!

weight tip: avoid the bad drinks ;) and get Naked

Its so good you guys just have to try them. Ive turned my Friend Eliu on to them and he just loooves them his fav is the Blue Machine, my Friend Marco's is the Green Machine. its also my fav as well i just loooooove it! and there 100% natural! even better, that's what i looove soo much about them and there good/great for you.
this is so much better then pop! and any other drink i love them sooo much! im telling you, you cant go wrong!

now let me ask you will you be getting naked now? ;)

Friday, June 15, 2012

Congrats Becky im soo very proud of you!

Becky!! I'm so very happy for you! i love you so much were in it to win it! lol1 lets go bother Donna and grandma! lol look at you graduating school! wow seems like it was just yesterday we wer baking cakes and making fun of Donna and telling her you would graduate! and bam! you did it! :)

Congrats Kike im so proud of you!

 MY best Friend of the house as he calls me and i call him now lol, has graduated high school recently! and i could not be anymore proud of him! he wakes up very early even when he doesn't want to but he does and does all his work in following his dreams I'm so very proud of you and i love you so much best friend of the house! go follow those big dreams of yours!

Flashback Friday: oh hello abbs ;) 5more days!

Working my ass out! I didn't even have a gym membership at all at this time. pic is from late February. i was doing insanity every day not on Sunday's lol that's when i watch the kardashians and a day to rest it says LOL! oh and also yoga!!! i love yoga and i was running everyday with LUCY!! I love my dog shes a great workout buddy:)

Advice From Rob: Stay Strong

 Life.. we all have to go and be really strong. its a big thing.. the word STRONG.its okay to be you and to be who you want in life just remember never to give up and always stay strong and look on the bright side.

4years wow!

From Chicago to Texas
 Wow! can you believe it? its been four years already how kray kray is that? I'm so happy and excited for everything and everyone i have met it makes me oh so very happy :) i love you all so much words cant even express.

 There have been so many ups and downs and all arounds and ill be the first to raise my hand and say yes! i can be a train wreck LOL! but its life so thats okay.

  But the best part of life... well my life is knowing that my fairyTale life is still getting on its way. its my own like my friend Marco told me.

  Its Life In A Bag: To MY FairyTale Life...

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

8 More Days Till Summer! Quick Trim& Insanity

I finished up the 14week diet and cleansing system from Quick Trim!
 It really is so much fun it gives your great energy and taste like grape lol not nasty at all no jitters or shakes. it helped me burn those pounds!
i finished up in February so here's the result of that!

Also about this time is when i started insanity so nooooooow things are about to get kray kray working out six days a week the whole month of February and some in march.

Monday, June 11, 2012

9 more days till summer 2012 hello quick trim.

going to Alondras birthday dinner at Cheddars was so much fun.

getting ready for my cousin Jessica's baby shower in January was so much fun we had a great time at the shower some family came into town as well :)

Why hello there Quick Trim, i started quick trim the second week of January.
i wanted to real kick up my workouts and really try the product everyone knows i love that kardashians so why not try this product and it has natural ingredients. it was for 14 days and wow did it make the difference when i went on it and went off here's my first day on quick trim.

I was working out 6 days a week with one cheat day watching the kardashians every Sunday while i cheat and running every morning at 6 or 7am with my dog Lucy.

this was the first week of quick trim.
second week and it felt great i recommend you try it out i know it works so i can say it does and will go back again if i want to. i finished using it in February,

oh and btw i had no gym membership at this time this was all workouts at the house and outside. and once at my cousin Jessica's apartment gym

Work, graduations, family, fun & weight loss.

Wow, its been a busy week my friends have graduated from high school, my little cousins have got on the Honor role, family has come into town . my job is so much fun and love meeting new people and I'm sharing with you all my weight loos tips and secrets its so much fun and crazy and I'm doing more then ever and staying very busy. LOL lets not slow down this roller coaster.

Hailey Diaz! Im So Happy For You!

So happy for Hailey she also made the honor role!!! my tia yoly and tio chio are such proud parents :)