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Saturday, August 24, 2013

Francas Beautiful Baby Shower

 Patty is such a great sister she did and outstanding job for Francas baby shower it looked so amazing! I loved everything from the homemade cake, yes! The cake was homemade by patty her self how cool is that? 

 That cake itself was so Beautiful, all the little teddy bears gave it a warm family love touch as well. Great friends and family being there all the little games and and smiles made it extra special ad seeing how happy Franca was is literally the best part. 

 I got to feel the baby kick when I rested my head on her tummy we tried to get it on video but Damian is camera shy he just did not want to. Franca had a great time and everyone else as well here's to a happy pregnancy. See you soon Damian! Lucy and I love you so much! 
P.s how pretty are all the decorations? And Francas pregnancy photos I LOVE THEM! 

Pictures here: 

Wednesday, August 21, 2013

Happy Birthday Saul!

#happybirthday Saul! Lucy and love you so much and your glasses to can We borrow them sometime? Yay your awesome ahh now we can go tap dancing or other stuff maybe reading or workout #beastmode meow! Kitty! Like the Chesher cat from #Disney #aliceinwoderland you remind me of that movie it's so cute and riddles.  Hope you have a wonderful day hugs and dog hair! 

Sunday, August 18, 2013

Happy birthday patty!

Happy birthday @pattycruz my little fairygodmother my Kris's Jenner my best friend my animal lover my lover of life wonderful woman Lucy's Tia! Omg Remember that time when, oh to many times and amazing memories Lucy and I love you so much happy #sweet16 we love you so much besos and hugs! ☺🐢❤🌟🐾🎊🎁