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Wednesday, June 20, 2012

Happy first day of summer!! summer is here!!

yes summer is here!!1 get excited i know I'm so excited even though in Texas it feels like summer has already been here for a month or so lol! but get excited!!!

as promised here's the most recent pic of me noooooow!

I've been working out7 days a week for a whole 45days or so straight, eating right staying on track even with work and so much going on I'm sooo excited and I'm gaining more muscle yes!!! still working my ass off every day i kinda like working out every day its so much fun. how about you? i find the best fun too keep you going is to do it with a friend or group and just have some fun with it yes!
also here's my THE summer song for the summer! looove it 'Make It In America' by Victoria Justice

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