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Thursday, October 11, 2012

Happy National Coming Out Day!

Today is a big day its national coming out day. I just want to say thank you to you for always standing by me. I never knew i would come out one day. i never knew i would come out. i was always scared. I'm  not going to repeat that story that would be way to long and way to emotional.
  My cousin Jessica and Anthony always protected me once i got here to Texas and are still here for me so is my family and friends. Eliu, Milo, And Saul we are the Sex And The City and were happy with who were are, we are all very different but gay, but different. ill let you figure which four is which four LOL!
 I want to tell you all that you are not alone, you are never alone. i know things get scary and its a very scary world but always remember to be you. everyone will love you for who you are. i love you!
don't forget to smile, oh yeah and I am A PROUD GAY MAN, and A PROUD GAY FATHER TO ONE AHMAZING DOG named lucy

watch my coming out story here:

Throwing In The Towel?

Sometimes you walk around and do all you can and not knowing when will life just say "okay you're here" but right now you think life is saying "get up, come on get up, what are you doing still in the same spot" but you're life isn't saying that at all. It's telling you "things will be alright." Work you're but off don't stop.

Don't worry you will get to where you want to be in life. I wish I could tell you the answer and hold you're hand through it all. Heck I wish I could hold my own hand when I don't know where things are going. It sucks when you have a plan and things don't go exactly as planned I know. One day you want to be an astronaut then you have to work at a low income job with sucky hrs right? Or worse or hey! Maybe it's something even better. And that's alright.

When life is telling you that things are going a different way or that you "should just give up already there's no point" DON'T! that's not you, I know how do I know? Who am I? I'm someone who's been there I'm not where I want to be...yet but I know where I want to be and I know you do as well.

You're not alone, you don't have to throw in the towel when things get bad I know something will come. I just know something will. When you think what else is there? Think of the good times happy times in you're life. The things that made you smile.

If you're in a bad relationship and are thinking, what do I do now? Where do I go from here? look at all the stuff around you look at all the possibilities. Are you happy? Or are you happy for them?

Same thing with a job don't stay in somewhere to long because the people are nice. You want to grow then grown and grow big. Use this in school and everything as well. I know you can do it so no throwing in the towel.

Wednesday, October 10, 2012

Cat Week

It's cat week tweet me pics of you're cats with the hashtag #robscats or post them on my Facebook wall or hashtag them on Instagram


Tuesday, October 9, 2012

Advice From Rob: Dont Give Up

giving up is really hard and takes a lot out of a person to give. you go through so much and then say"okay that's it I'm done what else is there?" i know I've been there at that point so just don't do it and be strong and happy and who you're meant to be i love you so much and i know you can, we all can do this.

Dont forget to smile.

Monday, October 8, 2012

Mommy Monday: Charmaine Castro

I've know Charmaine for quite some time now I've seen her when she had her little monkey in her. So this time around I now know her as a mom. It was very different from just talking at lunch. She's so grown now and full of mommy wisdom. She is a great mom even when her son was inside of her.

Read all about her mommy life in this Q&A for this weeks mommy Monday . She's strong she's bold she's learns from everything, Charmaine Castro.

Thank you, you're a great mom to you're son and wife.

Mommy Monday


Rob: What kind of mom are you?

Charmaine: "I'm a good mom &I care less if anyone disagrees which they wouldn't even have a reason to Lol.. now a days young moms just arent ready or willing to give up their old ways once they become a mother, and I was never that big to go out and make a fool out of myself in the first place(laughs) but honestly i do not need any of that in my life anyway and i would rather stay home with my boys more than anything anything else. love being a mom and everything That i do involves my son or it at least all my decisions are with him in mind.

Rob: I like that you're very vocal about that, and you can speak of the young moms because you are a young mom. At what age did you have you're son?

You're an army wife and a young mom, non the less a mommy. How does it feel Having that as you're title now? Sticking with the subject of being a young mom in this genre.

Charmaine:"I was eighteen when I got pregnant and nineteen when I had my son. I'm just really glad I at least graduated before, don't get me wrong I have nothing against anyone that had their babies during high school, but I know in some cases it can get hard to graduate when they are supposed to or even graduate at all My college has been delayed but really its not much because of my son but more because I don't know what I really want to do for a career anymore (laughs) but when I do decide nothing will stop me even if it is years from now.

I would rather just have the title of wife and mommy with no involvement in the army(laughs) but even though I disagree with my husbands choice of career, I support him through everything, even when it gets really hard. I can go on and on about what I dislike about the army but one main reason is I want my husband to always be there for my son! I hate the fact that one day he may deploy and miss out on lil special moments that I would love for him to also see for himself.

Rob: That's a good way to think about it, you don't want to miss any moment on you're sons life and you're family. Completely understandable. You're only saying how you feel.

Then the mommy title you shall have. Welcome to the mommy club my dear. What is a big day like for you and john(when he's home) and you're son like? From begging to end?

Charmaine: "we really don't do much when we are all home together but be bums! (Laughs) Usually on weekends mikael will wake up come to bed with us &he makes sure we are both awake! &I think at bed time and mornings is when he's the sweetest because he will hold our hands, hug us or attack us with kisses! We will eat breakfast, be bums again (I'll clean up a bit first) (laughs) lunch, we will go outside and work on the yard and mikael is a great lil helper he loves being out there! Then we will keep being bums and watch movies with him &eat a lot of popcorn! Its our favorite snack! or sometimes we will go for a walk at the park, he likes playing there but once he's tried everything he likes to explore lol so we will walk on the joggin trail! Me and john don't really go out on dates alone but its ok I rather have my monkey around us at all times. So we will sometimes decide to do stuff like movies, dinner, or maybe even a trip to the zoo, like I said before, all with our son involved.. &in mind! So me and john get to feel like little kids again at times.

Rob: Family time is the best you really put you're family first. That's very special, wer you always so family involved growing up?

Those little memories are the ones your will have forever. Can you recall a moment of fear with you're son?

Charmaine:" Omg yes! I am a big mommas girl! &being family oriented was very big growing up. Every single holiday or even at times after church our whole family was always together. Growing up I was always around one of my aunts and my grandma so they hold a very special place in my heart. My whole family means so much to me that I wish mikael can have that too growing up but I know in the army we will move around a lot so he won't have that as much but I will do whatever it takes for him to still have that somehow.

-I've actually had a few times of fear with mikael, but one was when he fell down the stairs! I tried catching up to him as fast as I could but he was tumbling down skipping so many steps, when he finally stopped he just layed there completely still, didn't even cry, and had his eyes closed! Seeing that I started crying and went to pick him up and that's when he finally screamed and cried and to me that was the biggest relief.

Rob: I love that you're family oriented and willing to do what ever it takes to give you're son the same thing.

Oh my gosh that would have frightened me as we'll. I'm so very glad he's alright now.

Here's a good question I think all moms want to know. How did you loose all the baby weight so fast? Any tips to share?

Charmaine:" Haha well at first I didn't really try too much but I did start going to the gym every now and then. I really started losing all my weight when john left for basic. I wanted him to come home to a hot &skinny future wife, so I started the turbofire dvds &I lost soo much weight! Now I have gained it all back. I'm home alone a lot so all I eat is junk food! (laughs) I'm trying to get fit again but with insanity this time, so far its kickin my ass! (Laughs) I think its harder to lose the weight now than it was back then. My tip would be is just be very motivated! Don't think it will happen overnight! It will take time, maybe even longer than u would want it to! Eating healthy is also big and what I struggle with the most now.

Rob: Ahh yes no magic tip here.
What is the best piece of advice someone gave you? Before and after you had you're baby?
Charmaine:"Honestly everyone always gives advice like "rub coco butter to avoid stretch marks, don't eat this or that" you know the usual helpfull advice and also after baby is here that just about every new mother gets. But I think the best advice has been my mom simply telling me "take good care of mikael!" &I really do my best. Or like my grandparents and uncle have told me as I dedicated him to God, "guide him through the rightgeous path to the best of ur ability" and I believe in God and follow his word as much as I know, at times I still feel lost, but i do the best, now i can have him grow in faith.

Rob: That's so beautiful, oh yes we all have heard those even I know those. That's a good thing to do follow what you believe in.

We're coming to a close you're now apart of mommy Monday and already in the mommy club. But what's he best advice that you can give to a woman like you?

Charmaine:"If a high school mother reads this, its to focus on school and baby! If someone helps you while u go to school do not take advantage of it! Get home thank them and be with ur child! And to just about every mother, young or old, the clubs, the parties and drinking will always be there. Every single moment with your kids is a memory you want to have every part in! Mothers and even fathers really need to understand that, especially at a young age what you do really does effect ur children. Be the parent that people would be surprised to see you out, than surprised that you are actually staying home with ur kids! Be the parent ur kids always run to, not grandma or aunt and uncle! Even if ur babies push u away, attack them with hugs and kisses! Really take advantage of them short and precious time you have with ur kids cause time really goes by fast..
Check out some of her family pics:
how cute is this pic of mika i love hsi curls and that smile is too cute!

Sunday, October 7, 2012

You Will Be Missed Tio Cat

Recently my family got the news that our uncle has passed away. He's my Grandmothers baby brother. He was a very funny man. I always remembered him growing up. He would always play tricks on us and he always had a laugh with me. He and my grandma wer so close I've never seen a brother and sister closer.

He would help Jessie and me shovel snow. And he would always fall asleep at any given time. We would always laugh when he would do that. Like really at random watching a game or just at the kitchen table bam! When he's asleep my uncle Jessie would have a ball with him when he would sleep lol. Oh and he would always try and give us money for no reason. But we never took any but my grandma and grandpa wer like if he ask's you one more time say "yes Tio give me a million" lol

Oh... uncle art you will be missed we will always remember you as Tio cat...