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Friday, October 5, 2012

National Do Something Nice Day

Today is national do something nice day. What did you do for someone? Always Lend a helping hand anytime you can.

Fashion Friday: The Bow Tie

Ladies and gentlemen, have you seen this trend? It's always been around, but comes back every fall and winter obsessed! I have to start adding more into my wardrobe. Have fun with this style it can easily be played up or down.

Have a great weekend.

Thursday, October 4, 2012

Happy World Pet Day

Here are some very cute pet owners with there very cute pets and of course Lucy makes a cameo or two lol today is you're pets day don't forget to always give them all the love they want. And need.

Remember we're parents as well!

When Things Get hard

Boy do I know first hand when things get hard. But do you stop just because its hard? No, you do not. You keep going and push you're self even If its hard. The outcome of a hard but great situation will be GREAT! Try to step back from the situation and then go back no need to rush into it, it's right there so don't run away. Remember baby's don't walk before they can crawl. People don't just automatically know what there doing when they Choose the right career they want for them self. You just have to learn what works for you and not give up and keep pushing its going to be hard not everything in life is easy and doesn't come right away to you so keep going.

When you're in a tough spot say "let me step back a then come back to this later, then I'm going head on and going in like a lion on its prey"

Wednesday, October 3, 2012

Wonderful Wednesday: Never Say Never

Whenever in life you sit down and analyze you're whole life and wonder what do I do? Where do I go from here? What's next? Or okay what's the next big thing I have to do or just what?

"What" is the big question when you're going through a lot and have gone through so much. When life has time to kick you're but down and make you cry and throw so many bad people you're way or even just make you think what is going on here? Remember not to give up please don't give up. I can say this because there was one time in my life where I wanted to shut it all down and just say okay I'm done. But then I remembered Christmas and my dog and everything at that time that made me happy. So why give up?

That's right! Why give up? There is no reason to give up. Never say never. No ones life is really planed or knows okay, this is what's going to happen. Sometimes what you want comes later and sometimes it comes right now.

Right now something is happening and I have to do my best at it(can't wait to tell you soon) and even if I fail the first time I have to not give up. Remember "stay strong" and that's what I will do I am going to keep going into high gear, don't forget to smile. Love Rob

Tuesday, October 2, 2012

Talented Tuesday: Lisa kaye, Cake Creator

My friend Lisa does an Ahmazing job she bakes and make and decorates the most Ahmazing cakes. They are out of this world! I love what she does she has a huge passion for it!

I love you Lisa and all you're cakeness my sprinkle top gum drop! I love telling people on what a great job she does and I'm telling you, WAIT!! Showing you LOL! What an Ahmazing job she does look at all her amazing and yummy creations:)

Monday, October 1, 2012

Think Pink In October

Ill share tons of pics all month long tweet me them with the hashtag #pinkrob so I can find them. together we can all fight this and everyone knows that no one is alone.

Mommy Monday: Jessica Yanez

Mommy Monday

This is becoming another one of my favs on my blog I love moms so much there super women!

Another Q&A Jessica Yanez, she's also my cousin so I was so very honored to do this one as well. Because I know and love her so much. Even when I did this Q&A it felt like a whole new person I was talking to her as a mom not my cousin which was great!

Thank you Jess! I love you Pablo and Ethan oh so very much! I know you had fun as well.

Take a look at Jessica's pics and her adorable son down below.

Rob: What's a normal day for you like?

Jessica: "Well I'm new to motherhood but I wouldn't say its normal but unique to be blessed to live the life of being a mommy. I wake up early in the morning preparing a bottle and my cup of coffee and watching Mickey mouse club house to doctor Mcstuffins..(laughs) I would say Its not always that perfect there's times where I work a 12hour night shift and come home sleepy in the morning and have to change dirty diapers but I don't want to miss a thing in his life. In return I get to see him every day learn something new. From him discovering his toes to him getting his first tooth.

Rob: Wow, that already sounds like such a fun day. Very busy in you're home indeed. Did you have a favorite childhood show growing up?

What kind of mom do you feel you're like with you're new baby?

Jessica:"Growing up my brother and I loved watching Grandpa's Magical toys and the Big rock candy Mountain. It wasn't a show but our favorite movies. I don't even know if any ones ever heard of them..(Laughs) My mom use to love buying us VHS tapes it makes me think how much things have changed as we grow up.. I actually recently found it now made on DVD a bit excited, now my son can watch it too. I hope he loves it as much as I did growing up.

I think I'm like any other mother who has hopes and dreams for there child....and never wants them to grow up.(laughs) I'm the type of mom where,I can just sit there with him on a blanket and his toys together,roll on the floor with him and make him laugh. I try and show my baby all the love I have for him,even though he doesn't understand yet I feel like he knows I love him unconditionally. "

Rob: I've never heard of that but sounds like you have some great memories growing up. Ahh yes VHS boy does that take me back in time.

How do you and your boyfriend(Pablo) work out the schedules? And find time for the both of you with a new baby?

Jessica: "Are schedules thankfully work out great its a bit of a tight schedule but it works. I work night shifts and he works day shift. So by the time I get out the next day it's time for him to head out and me to take over baby duty. As for us time it's a bit harder but we both have parents willing to help. We try and do movie nights, go to Texans games together or just go out to eat.. Even us just going grocery shopping while the baby stays with our parents helps to keep us balanced and remember that we still love each other and we take advantage of any time we have together.

Rob: That sounds really beautiful. It's the little things, I'm glad the schedules work out.
When you found out you were going to be a mom what was you're reaction besides freaking out? How did everyone around you take it?

Jessica: "(Laughs) Yes I did freak out, I actually cried it was unexpected.. But my parents where a little mad more my father but they where supportive. Before telling my parents I had already found my own place. I wanted them to know I could do it on my own and they would not have to worry. My mother in-law and father in-law where happy after all it would be there first grandchild. Over all I was blessed to have such a supportive family that was willing to help.

Rob: I love a great story like that, sounds like it all turned out alright. I'm so happy for you.

For being a new mommy what would the ideal day for you be? Anything special?

Jessica: "An ideal day for me would be us taking Ethan to new environments, like the zoo or baby classes, the beach just too see his reaction. You know have family time . It's amazing to me to see him explore and learn what things are and for him to see mommy and daddy are right there exploring with him. "

Rob: Wow, that alone sounds perfect to me it's love and family all in one.

How do you think you're doing with all this? Does it get easier?

Jessica:"I would say I do pretty good.(laughs). He's a happy baby so I think that's a sign. I think it has its easy parts and its hard times. But it's worth it because I love my little family and I wouldn't change it for anything.

Rob: Great answer, he is a happy baby and very cute. You do a great job thank you for being a great mom.

What's the best piece of advice you can pass to a very new mom like you're self?

Jessica:"I would say don't be afraid to ask for help or ask other mothers for advice it helped me out a lot. Pamper your self every once in awhile after all we deserve it...and enjoy every minute of your baby because they grow up so fast..

I love this pic of pablo and Ethan its shows how great of a dad pablo is and he really is ive seen him in action. and there both so happy father and son.

I mean how can i not love this pic of ethan he is so darn cute! i got this for him by the way lol first tux lol!