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Thursday, May 30, 2013

You Will Get Your Wings Tio Chicky

So, here's the thing. I don't even know what to say because this is all brand new to me. No words can even come out of my mouth. The only thing that comes out are tears from my heart that come out of my eyes. I've never had anyone die in my family or really know of anyone to feel the pain. this is so weird I woke up today in hopes it was a bad dream but guess what? it's not. 

 Tio Chicky your not here, I wish I had magical hair like repunzle in tangled so I could have healed you and sing and then you would have been all better again. This isn't the fairytale chapter i wanted in my book, because my ohana isn't here. Yesterday when I was told you were not here my heart stopped and all I thought of was you screaming at the bottom of the stair case "ma! Come here please!" And laughing because you would just tell grandma you were messing with her and she would get mad then you would really tell her you wanted her to go eat with you or something. 

 Remember that time I broke your scooter? Yeah me to because I hid in the bathroom because you were going to kick my ass. Remember that time you blew up your hand on the Fourth of July? Oh yeah that was every year. You like fire works I guess because you kept doing.

 Remember that time you invited me with you and all the dads and kids to the Harlem globe trotters game but I didn't want to go because everyone was going with there dad, and I was sad and backed out because I didn't have a dad to go with? You went in my room and said "get your ass up lets go mijo, I am your dad us Carrasco's are all here for one another. Your my son just like all these other damn kids" 

 My Friend Nicholas told me its okay to cry just to let it all out and even thought I don't understand right now, that it will be okay because everything happens for a reason. Thanks Nicholas.

 I just know come Christmas time I will be ringing every bell come my way because like the say, every time a bell rings an angle gets his wings and I want you to have the most biggest most awesome wings up there, because after all your a Carrasco. I'm pretty sure my Tio Chicky got me into Disney he loves Disney as much as me even more, remember that time I watched the lizze mcgurie movie on VHS and watched it everyday? Yeah then you had angle hide it because that's all I would watch.

 Well you are one of a kind we don't usually subtract in our family, so who knows what to do now? There was 6 and now there's 5 kids. We love you more then words will ever be able to explain. Every time I watch George Lopez ill think of you because you love him a lot and talk like him. Or even a Disney movie, yeah you like those to.

 Okay, so ill see you later okay? I don't ever say goodbye because good bye is forever and I know ill see you later or talk to you soon so Lucy and I both love you.

Wednesday, May 29, 2013

Happy For You Nicholas

 I'm so very happy for my dear friend Nicholas. A big move so fast it's already been a month now and your coming a long way growing and a new car and so much more. I'm very happy as long as you are happy that's all that matters because that makes me happy. 

 I want nothing but the best for you in life and for you to be able to breathe and just be who you are and all that you want to be. You have one huge heart filled with so much love, hope, and kind words that can make anyone's day where ever you go in life. 

 I hope you always be you smile like a half moon( that's really big by the way, I mean have you seen a half moon talk about huge!) and believe in you and if you ever think about giving up don't. I know you have so many that care about you in the world! 

 Most importantly I'm here and Lucy but she will just eat your food. But I'm right here for you and not ever going to want to leave your side from the ups and downs ill be here. Always, my ohana.