Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Big News! Disney's New Movie Finding Dory!

How exciting! Ahh I can't wait Ellen announced in her show today and everyone is so excited I just can't even wait! I'm just so excited it will be released in 2015 ahhhhhhh wow!

From My instagram ( @TheRobCarrasco ) You guys! BIG NEWS how exciting Disney and @theellenshow show announced today there will be a sequel to #findingNemo it will be called #findingDory will be released in 2015! #getexcited #disney Lucy and i will watch #findingNemo tonight so happy!

Ripped Juice

Hi guys! I just started using ripped juice today so lets see how I go. It gives you so much energy so you really use it in your workouts and is so awesome. Promote energy and fat use. So far not jitters shakes or any of that stuff so I'm okay with it thanks to this guy I follow on Instagram!

To full on beastmode! Leggo I got mine at

Sunday, March 31, 2013

Happy Easter From The Carrasco Family

Happy Easter everyone hope you all had a wonderful day filled with love and fun! Besos and dog hair from Lucy and I!

By the way how freaking cute is Lucy?