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Friday, June 29, 2012

Happy Friday just for you..

summer is a great time get excited and work that ass out!

Help And Text For Tigers

I am a Huge animal lover so theirs no suprise on how much i love these big cats and want them to be saved and their homes!! please help them by texting! you can make a big difrence! also go to there website and you can learn more there please help please!

please learn more here!

its very simple txt to donate or go to there website! please help them.

Fashion Friday: Corals & Swimwear

Everyone who knows me knows i loove fashion i die for it blogs,red carpets,books,you name it i love it. Im all fine with trends but also saving some$$$ so a great tip is to splurge on a good trend thats on sale so that way you dont feel so guilty but also. save that extra cash for a great staple in youre closet.

Ill be sharring all those tips and much more so get excited!! this is probrably going to be one of my fav post lol! also leave any coments or qestions you have or advice. happy shopping :)
oh btw this is for the men! lol and women of course but sine im a guy looking for good fashion i know some men are as well and the women!


Swim wear time Corals a bright bold colors and neons are big this year it started in spriing and carried on. here is where you cna get them.

For the women
Cute fun and shows off those curves and all the right colors and can be easliy dressed up or down.from the Kardashian Kollection at sears.

Thursday, June 28, 2012

ThrowBack Thursday: A post Card From Patty!

I love my Family so much patty is soo ahmazing what a great friend! she sent me this post card recently when she was in New york. How Sweet is she? thank you patty! love you so much her smile is so sweet she can brighten a sad room any day with her glow oh! and her ahmazing cooking!

How stunning is she!?

heres the post card!

Advice From Rob: Depression

  Depression:its something we all go through its a really hard and well its something most of us dont want to talk about or admit. I kow im one of them. no one wants to say there hurting or that they need help. Even in the sadest times of your life. but the good thing is that, their is help in evey way you turn. once life puts you down you will ge right back up. This all goes back to the advice my friend marco gave me "lifes a roller coaster" "everything will be alright."

hope this hleps.

Wednesday, June 27, 2012

What Is The UNHCR?

I belive in one day  making a diffrence and i will start now as i have started before but now that i am gorwing and learing so much more feels more right to now more then ever to learn more and to step up to the plate. i will do what i can to help but i cant do it alone my cousin terresa is helping me with learning all of this and so much more im in it with her to make a change are you? heres what you need to know to fill you in.

Main objectives and targets for 2012

Fair protection processes and documentation

The quality of registration is improved or maintained.
  • All people of concern are registered on an individual basis.

Basic needs and services

Shelter and infrastructure are established, improved and maintained.
  • All households live in adequate dwellings.
Optimal access to education is guaranteed.
  • All refugees between six and 11 years of age are enrolled in primary education.

Community participation and self-management

Self-Reliance and livelihood support are improved.
  • Some 12,500 Liberian returnees are provided with vocational training.
  • Approximately 5,000 Liberian returnees receive conditional grants to start businesses.

Durable solutions

The potential for voluntary return is realized.
  • Some 90 per cent of refugees who will repatriate are able to make an informed choice about return.
  • Approximately 15,000 Liberian returnees are provided with safe transport.

Strategy and activities in 2012

Wacky Wednesday: Humping Bunny?

LOL this will hope to be more to come of crazy vids and pics this one is from my friends julie thanks bff lol loooooove it!


Tuesday, June 26, 2012

Talented tuesday: Meet Ruben Rodriguez

  I Always have so much talent around me and see so much of it. i can tell when its really great, any talent anyone has i love when people follow there dreams it makes me so happy, when we can be so happy for eveyone. so heres the first of many talented tuesdays.

 Meet Ruben Rodriguezz: hes following his dreams and wants be a singer kid is ahmazing has a great voice and is very kind check him out follow him on twitter and look up his vids on youtube! good luck ruben!

heres his twitter! Ruben

Monday, June 25, 2012

Motivational/ Music Monday

This qoute ties in well with this week
These are what motivate me to keep doing what im doing and get even better and my dreams will come true one day.

From my grandma:"
Hey bobby how u doing? Me and grandpa are doing good I read what u wrote on the old lady and old man that was very sweety of u that could of been me or grandpa I did something right raising you I'm proud of you"

 From Rachelle on twitter: "tears!! Such a wonderful story, you are such a great person! Please don't ever Change. Stay bright, and positive!! he'll change the world one day. Just you wait & see."

and last week from Daniel Estrada: Death metal motivates me to pump like a beast lol
from hero Estrad:but, id have to say mine would have to be(Float On By-Modaste Mouse)...That song is the shit!....It's mellow and can keepme going on a long ass run thorugh hills and everything!>__<

And the song that has me going kray kray this week is.... "call me maybe" by carly ray


My blog just got a little summer makover and im going to take it to a whole other level.

My blog just got a little summer makover and im going to take it to a whole other level.

Sundays- sunday skin: beauty tips
Monday- Motivational/music mondays
Tuesday- Talented tuesdays: ill bring you all the great talent
wensday- wacky we...nsday:kray kray pics and vids
Thursday- Thrifty/throwback/thirsty thrusdays: all the great buys on everything
Friday- Fashion/flashback/fit fridays
Saturday- not sure yet lol

get excited

True LOVE. theirs a reason for everything

This pic reminds me of today and what i hope one day to have read more to find out.

 LOVE its the most power full thing in the world. when and where there is love, well everything just seems right no mater what.
 Today at work i was there, when it all went down. As what i call a true act of love.

 I was doing my job but something was telling me to go to the restroom today either to text my cousin Jessica or just go, it kept bothering me to go in there i was organizing the toys and then i said "okay, fine I'm going" so, i went to the restroom. as i was walking to the restroom there was something telling me in my heart that something was going to happen. do you ever get that feeling? well as i was a few steps away from the door about to enter an elderly woman was there with her grocery cart waiting. before i went in i asked if she needed help with anything as i always ask everyone. so she then said "yes could you check on my husband? hes been in there a while and i cant go in there i want to know if everything is alright. please sir?" with no hesitation i said "yes ma'am" she said "thank you" so i went in and asked "sir? are you alright?...sir?"  the stall he was using was the one for handicap people. the door was wide open. i asked again. "sir? are you alright?" i then took a peek in and seen him siting down his legs covered in feces. as he sat there on the toilet blowing his nose waiting for someone i told him to "hold on sir ill get your wife" so i went back out calmly and said "hes alright, but he had an accident hes just sitting there" she asked "may i go in please? oh dear lord! will you come in with me?" in the most sweetes voice. of course i did! i went in with her as she checked in on him and told him "smith? are you alright? stay there I'm going to get you some clothes" i stood there waiting and she asked is if she could go out into the store and find him some clothes to wear. i said yes i would wait with him then she said thank you. she went out as i waited with the man, as she went out to find clothes for him he had got up and without pants tried to wash his underwear in the sink. i told him 3 times "its okay your wife is getting you some clothes she will be right back." i told him to go sit and wait and with his walker in toe he went back and said "alright."

 When the elderly woman came back she said thank you for waiting with him. then told me she would save the tickets of everything. (to be honest i wouldn't have cared he needed them. i would have paid for them myself.) as she went into the stall with the door closed  to clean him up with wipes she was talking to him as she changed him, and i gave her a bag for his things and underwear. then they both came out the stall washed there hands and i walked out the restroom with them. she said thank you once again.

 As we walked out to the register to go check out i asked her if she wanted me to walk with her she said "yes" as i walked by her side we checked on smith (her husband) if he was fine and walking behind us. He was, so as i was walking by her side she started to tear up and said thank you again. i told her it was quite alright. then i asked "how long have you both been married?" she replied and said "42years" i was quick to say "wow that's so beautiful!" she said "thank you but its been a couple rough years" she was whipping her tears and said it was "embarrassing" i told her "no its love, its okay. that's all that matters" we checked on her husband again then got to a register i stood with her cart as she went to go seat her husband by the door to wait for her. then she came back i helped her load all her stuff on top as she paid and put it in bags(not my job but did it for her) she started to cry even more. as she was signing her check to pay. the cashier and i looked at each other and told her its okay she was so embarrassed. We got her some napkins to wipe her tears then i went to get a paper and wrote my number down for her. the other cashier said who's it for? i said "that elderly woman right there i want to help her." so then i went back to the woman and told her i would walk them to the car, she said thank you once again.

 As we walked to the car i told her id stay with her husband as we walked to the car. she said alright I'm going to load the stuff. they parked pretty far. As we walked i asked him "how are you?" he said he was "fine, and you? i said "I'm great" i said "its a nice day out isn't it?" he said "its hot!" i asked "do you have any grandchildren?" he said "no, no kids" then i asked him "how long have yall been together?" (this is where is just melted even more) "we been together 42 years....shes special" wow! "shes special" 42 years and he knows that they are so much in love. i then told him "that's so magical i love that I'm so happy for yall" we got to the car at this point i helped him get in and fold up his walker and he said "thank you" his wife was still in tears. as she finished loading the last bit she told me "thank you so much i don't know what i would have done without you."  i gave her the biggest hug and she gave it right back i gave her my phone number and told her "if you ever need help or come again or anything just give me a call and i will do what i may for you both."
 As she got in the car i looked back and seen them in the car and knew that was true love. the best love i had seen in a long time it was better then any movie. it was real life love! i wish them nothing but the best and to be alright and more years of love and happiness.

theres a reason i was supposed to go to the restroom, theres a reason i was supposed to work there, theres A reason people as for help, theres a reason people love and love with all there heart!

Sunday, June 24, 2012

Advice From Rob: Change

 Hi you guys! heres another advice from Rob video hope you enjoy and love it ! and if your going through major change in life i hope this helps in some way.
 This quote always helps me its from 'A Cinderella Story' with Hilary Duff. "Never Let the fear, of strinking out, keep you from playing the game."