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Saturday, November 10, 2012

Nutcracker Market With The Ladies

Oh! Merry Christmas! Lol well not yet but it sure did feel like that today! Today was so much fun. The girls and I had a blast as always when I join them it's always a real treat. I just love them so very much they make my heart happy with there smiles ad happy spirits.

Take a look at some of our fun times lol you will have a fun treat into our day . Have you guys started holiday shopping yet? What are you most excited about the holidays?

Goodnight Houston Author Signing

Today the girls and I went to a holiday expo and I got to meet An author of a very cute and cool children's book he's so very kind. Get the book and tell me what you think.

Friday, November 9, 2012

Getting Wiggy With It

Bonco!! It's a fun game that the ladies play every month ummm I'm an honorary member. LOL! It was so fun, do you guys play this game?

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

Judgmental People

Life's bad apples are always trying to rotten the rest of the bunch.

No matter who you are. You can be Oprah Winfrey and still get "your not smart or know everything." You can be Britney Spears and hear "you can't dance like you did before" you can even be Bethenny Frankel and hear "that margarita tastes fattening, you can't make or do anything"

Judgement day, is everyday. People will stare you down right to the tip of your nose, down to your shoe lace. When people look at you it's not because your a bad person( if your committing a crime then yes that is bad. But lets say in this case, your just being your self) it's Because your different, because you have changed I remember saying this in a video before about change ill put the link bellow. But it's the truth weather you change or your jut being you, people will come down on YOU for that same reason.

Don't for one second think that your Doing something wrong just because your different. If you think one way that's a okay. If someone does Not like it, we'll, they can turn the other way.

I know, it's more hard to do it then to just say it right? Well it's true. Don't let people steel your shine. Don't let people think that they can say mean things to you. You stand talk and be you.

Your going to have a different view on life then someone else and that's alright, if you don't talk to that person anymore, well, you just weren't meant to be friends/family or together.

Please don't ever change the way you think on life. Remember I love you for who you are and what you want to be in life.(just don't hurt or burn or do something bad okay?) don't forget to smile or dream I love you. From my dog to you we send so much love!

Watch my video on my Youtube Chanel


My tia yoly always tells me "for every one person that hates you, remember, one million more love you, for being you!"

And my friend patty says "IM IN THAT MILLION"

Funniest Election Photos

You guys are.. Very talented LOL! My Facebook timeline, twitter, and Instagram blew up with pics like these lol! Have a laugh as I did.

Monday, November 5, 2012

Mommy Monday: Do What Works

Can you believe still in this world we live in so many moms still have to hear the words "no do it like this" or "you have to do this, or your doing it wrong". Trust me I hear that first hand from the woman I know. People want to tell you that you are a bad mom for doing it a different way then there used to seeing or doing.

As you can tell from the moms I've interviewed, they all have different styles of doing what works for them. All different moms, but there mom's. some love to much some over love some love just as much as they want, and any way that works for that mom is alright to me as long as there is love in the heart.

I want to tell all you moms out there if you ever come across the day when you can't smile, or love the one that brings you joy or headaches in life or even a Lego on your foot, or Hey maybe even a fever late at night and you have to stay awake all through the night. To just remember those nights and look into those eyes and I promise that there won't ever come a day like that.

I love you moms so much and all that you do, don't ever forget to smile and know that you all are superheroes.


Sunday, November 4, 2012

Sunday Skin: Vaseline

Vaseline is you're best friend when it comes to an at home beauty product. It's the best and works for almost anything.

Lips: dry lips? no chap stick? don't worry it will help put moisture right back into those lips. Do your lips have discoloration? No worries take a tooth brush some Vaseline on the lips and brush with cold water and just like that back to fresh colored lips.

Eyes and crows feet: I always put a dab before bed on each eye lid to seal moisture. And just a little at the edge of my eye not to much don't want to clog your pores.

Hands,elbows,and feet: are they dry? Same as lips without Chapstick, before bed ad some to the dry area and then use socks to cover you're body parts.(remember to put a thin layer of Vaseline on first before the socks or gloves)

Scars: if you have a new scar don't worry it won't stay there for long. Every day keep it moisturized with Vaseline. Now this you can pile it on. The scar needs moisturizer, so hence the Vaseline.

Hope this helps.


Happy Birthday Bethenny!

I really love Bethenny, she's my idol, she's so ahmazing she's strong and makes me happy I can always relate and she is just one woman in the world that is the most kind, strong, and knows what she wants. Even when life gets tough she is her no mater what she makes me know that life isn't always perfect or things don't always go as planned and that's alright.

I love you Bethenny I hope you have a relaxing day!

We Go For A Walk

I love when Lucy and I go our walks and just relax. When it's jut us two here are some pics hope you all had a relaxing weekend.

Love And Thoughts To Sandy Victims

It's so sad when you here about all the sad stuff on the news. Even more sad when it's in your own backyard, seeing all the devastating pictures and and news on how so many have been effected by this hurricane sandy, it really is a tragedy.

I was and still am following the news every second I can. Do what you can to help in any and every way please. I hope you all are safe and warm and have something to eat.

All the animals out there I hope your alright, all the humans I hope you are safe. That you all can sleep and will see another day.

You can donate to Red Cross from iTunes or anywhere else by texting

RedCross to 9099

Big HUGE LOVE from my dog and I!