My Special Whistle

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Monday, February 6, 2012

A birthday to remember

Hi everyone I just want to take a quick second and thank you all so much for everything this has been the beat birthday in just wow so long my birthdays here In Texas have been ahmazing thank you for the tweets coments and everything FB and txt msgs calls and all I love you all so much I want to thank my friends that took me to dinner downtown at this ahmazing restaurant called farragos on downtown Houston it was something i won't forget and then dessert and a walk just magical thanks guys. I want to thank my feeing Robert for beig such and ahmazif bestie best friend in the world he means so much to me more then words can say. My first time here he has been ahmazing we have been there for one another and forever we will. Can I say he just wow'ed me Friday night just wow. Thank you Marco for the flowers the stunning first time ever got flowers Im just oh so happy and thank full and i had such a great time thanks to you all again Robert I can't wait fr us to take the world lol thanks again everyone.- world peace love Rob. Oh p.s I'll post pics soon but for now follow me on twitter