Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Saturday, March 7, 2015

1 Week Until The Live Action Cinderella!

 I will be counting down, lol like i have been but all of my favorite memories until the day is here how excited are you guys? shes my favorite princess who is yours? i love her so much! i think my friends and i are going to the midnight premier are you

Thursday, March 5, 2015

Bethenny Frankel's Skinnygirl Sparkler's Review!

how awesome is this! skinnygirl sparklers tweeted my video and im a skinny guy! #skinnyguy for life i love bethenny! have you seen my video review yet? watch it here Skinnygirl sparklers Review just click the link and tada or watch my video bellow! im so excited i started running arounf the apartment and screaming to lucy!

Wednesday, March 4, 2015

A Very Busy Week

 Its quite a very, Very busy week. none the less i will make it work with almost no sleep and not ever forgetting to smile i shall get it done. I'm working two jobs now, and proprably about to start a third one soon. and with being a full time dad t the one and only Lucy the doghter its a crazy life and did i forget to mention i also make videos on the YouTube machine now two days a week on my main channel My Almost Talk show click the link to take a look and subscribe. i also make daily or whenever i put them up vlogs on our Fairytale life channel you can sub there to yeah. so many plugs all the plugs Lucy has lots of dog hair that's shedding to if you want to know more about that stay tuned.

 I workout almost everyday as well too. yikes what is sleep? how do you guys go through a difficult day? do you just put stuff off? meet the deadlines or how does it work for you? let me know? the picture above is me to a T this week.

  besides all this crazy nonsense i just through at you, i know this is all for a purpose for a reason for a lifetime for someday Lucy and i will have our own magical castle and laugh and run and all the fun things like that! i don't loose sight of it all i still say I'm a lucky guy that yous guys watch my videos, its crazy to me before it was just Lucy and i who watched them is what it felt like. and now its so many of you and hopefully growing. its makes our heart happy. i know one day when i have a "real talk show" Lucy will still be by my side! i want her on stage with me or something like that. or hey? maybe this is my talk show i know she likes it when i make videos because i stay home and we do so many dumb things and she gets so many dog treats she loves it when daddy stays home.

 but yes busy or small or not so crazy its okay i like crazy i guess. well i should head to bed for a few hrs before Lucy's walk and job 2 and 1 and then yeah.. ill try and keep blogging more sorry i haven't been doing a good job of it. but hope this helps. did you vacuum today? not me, no theres a lot of dog hair all over the carpet.

 its always for my doghter for my family for us!