We Almost Died In The Fire

 #newvideo - We Almost Died In The Fire

Sunday, June 17, 2012

Happy fathers day! to them men in my life!

wow love this pic priceless lol!

tio Jessie:your so ahmazing smart and a smartass lol but your a great dad and uncle and you care so much about all of us and work so very hard!
tio chio: your one smartass lol but i love you and youd kick anyones ass for me and let me watch lizze magurie anytime lol
grandpa Joe: your so awesome and fantastic no words for you just i love you!

Rick: your a great friend and husband and a fantastic role model.

tio chato:even though you make me do so much work around the house i love you! and you love me your twinkle lol!

love yous guys so much!

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