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Monday, January 9, 2012

A Message To Everyone

I want everyone to know this isn't easy for me, to have to explain my self let alone to tell you all how I feel about it. I thought it was time, After careful thought and consideration I would ba able to open up.

Sometimes or all the time or maybe even most of the time people are going to say things about you and let me share something with you that I know for sure. People aren't going to stop talking good or bad. If your Obama or a kardashian from Britney to and person on youtube from me to the person that sells the paper. I've always said to myself I could change or I should change on the way I think or the person I am because its not perfect, or normal.

Well I was always told growing up your not smart your dream to much their are no such things as happily ever afters or you can write a book you can't act or sing. its a waste of time who do you think you are? Life's not perfect your not perfect dreams don't come true stop being stop positive. Now the stuff I hear is pretty much the same and more along the line of you watch to much of the Kardashians you think everything is perfect grow up! Life isn't always happy. Things don't always have a bright side.
Now normally I would Not put such a big light on all of this negativity I don't really, but I thought it was time I spoke up I have a voice so I'm going to use it. People look up to the things I say and I'm there for so many and people that don't have a voice.

So Here it is I've always believed that we all have our once upon a time as soon as were born. As in the fairy tales we read they come from bad beginnings sometimes or not so good times. So ill say this the reason I love the Kardashians is because they remind me of my family I'm not always with my family so when I can watch them it reminds me of mine. I can have a bad day I can be sad and cry or just want a laugh. So I can and they can be there everyone who knows me knows I love my family so much and love my friends just as much. My dog is my daughter, when I love someone I love with all my heart and soul and with every once of me. I think I will forever be a hopeless Romantic. But its who I am. So with that said, I will be a perfectionist even when it gets in my way find it hard to go thru life when at times I fall back into trying to please people then snap back and realize I'm all I have to please.

I know one day I will find true love that one person is out there and will make me happy and amazingly perfect things will happen. I do believe that when you touch someone's hand you just know its true love and true loves kiss is the most power full thing in the world. Will things be hard sometimes? Yes will I make a mistake while trying? I'm pretty sure I will but ill laugh about it later and make fun of it. Will people come and go that you want to stay in your life? I wish I could say no, but it happens and best thing you can do is let them go and smile because its a new page in your once upon a time.

I hope you all know this was hard for me. To have even had to defend the way of life that I think or feel so strongly about.
Am I going though a rough time yeah its called growing up, its not easy look at Kim kardashian she's doing it every day or Ellen she's doing it with a dance or even Oprah she's going though her next chapter.

I just wanted to say a lot is going on but I can do it with a smile and help the person in line that needs some change or that person who grabbed to much and needs a cart at the same time. So can you!

I see and read everything you all write and hear about it all over the support for me or others you all are hurt but you will over come that my friend Mary once told me "everything in life is temporary" so don't be so down grow from it. Thank you all so much and don't forget you all are loved by many your dreams can come true if you believe and there are happily ever after's. - Love Roberto Carrasco