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Saturday, June 9, 2012

11more days till summer how i shed those pounds!

October 2011l

getting into shape for Halloween :) was so much fun this is when i discovered zumba!!!!! LOL!

December 2011
feeling way better these were taken around the time of mine and Lucy(my dog lol) family Christmas photo shoot/Christmas card, it was so much fun so i was determined to get into shape. working out six days a week with running eating every 3 hrs tons of water and green tea!I love all teas but green tea is my absolute fav! we did really great the photo shoot came out amazing and everyone loved the pics.

another thsi was right before the shoot getting ready :)

Want a Graphic design by Genuine?

   I love supporting my friends and he does and amazing job and its his dream. how awesome are these pics I think well i know, these are sick! they are so cool!! I'm always telling him how much of a great job he does so i wanted to share with all of you.
  If you're interested in a cool desgin or for a flyer, album cover or website desgin shoot him a message ill link his facebook right here [!/ ]

or look him up on facebook.
Genuine Rich

heres some info to know from him:
Genuine Rich is my facebook name.

Im a Graphic designer here. Want a design by me ( Ask about rates )


Each picture I work on depends on level of specialty. Price will vary from each photo or design I retouch or graphic element I add to your image. When u consider every aspect that is going into your image and the time it takes to execute a great photo or design, the higher prices will accumulate in book covers, CD covers, posters, flyers, etc. I will work with you to bring your vision to life and to get the best result on your images. Every meticulous detail a client gives, helps me produce an aesthetic execution. In order to utilize an image Higher resolution pictures are the best . So the higher in size, (mega pixels, Raw or Tiff images) will result in a great product!


Your not only working with an amateur, but a professional graphic designer who takes pride in what he designs.

so send me a message.... =)

Thursday, June 7, 2012

Flashback Friday, Weight gain 170lbs! 2011

Summer '11 weighing in at 170lbs
 So I've recently lost a lot of weight, But I've also gained so much in so many ways.
I'm so excited to finally show and tell you guys all about it. how i lost the weight and trying to keep it off. Last summer was big for me i lost my job they closed down in the mall i was working so hard then stopped and working out and i wasn't eating right at all! and ill be sharing all that with you guys everyday till summer! get excited!!
I have done it all trust me I've done it! all 170lbs I couldn't believe it myself LOL!
by this time when i finally realized it myself I had got a new job at a restaurant, as a waiter and started to workout and try my best to eat right. 6days a week with one cheat day.

So Proud Of Jacob!

  Can you guys belive my little cousin is growing so fast, he made the honnor role! go jacob! i love you dirty dan lol

Wednesday, June 6, 2012

Advice From Rob: Making Peace With The past

  we all have a past and to deal with it, thats very big its something huge! the best way ive found how to deal, is to just stop avoiding it and deal with it and go through it.
hope this helps.Smile!

Tuesday, June 5, 2012

I Have A NEW Job!

    Im so excdited to finaly tell yous guys that..... I have a new job!!!!

   I love it its so fun everyone is so nice and kind and its really nice and refreshing ive been working my ass off and working my ass out! but i just wanted to update you guys on what was going on ive been a little m.i.a being busy with work and workouts. ive been looking for a job for a while since my old job closed down. but im more excited now about this job I feel more diffrent. I feel better about this job now i just have to  get more busy and put everything into it. I thank you all for your support. all of my freinds and family for helping me out, all of you know who you are its going to get good from here on this Roller soaster ride thanks again everyone i love you all so much i send smiles and hugs from lucy and I.

-dont forget to smile and get excited,love Rob

Monday, June 4, 2012

Here's The Story: About My Last Job

The truth about my last job. I don't like to lie. But what I have noticed is when I'm scared I lie and hurt people. It's not intetional by any means, it's what I've noticed now giving my self and others time and space away it's what I noticed it's what I have done. The damage was already done I never like to lie because it's bad and also I like to be truthfully honest no mater what. I love where I worked at so much, but they were closing down at the mall where I live so, I had 3 weeks left to work there and also find another job. I was doing so much with so much help from my friends that I appreciate so very much and I hope they know that. But with so much other stuff going along with lossing yet another job again it was to much. I didn't give it my all I should have but I didn't I wasn't making it my buisness. Which was very wrong of me to do. So that was a mistake I made and a lesson I learned. That was me coming from a place of no, for the first time in my life. But now I've grown, making more mistakes but leanring so much and to ask for help and to be more vocal on how I feel. I'm also coming now more then ever from a place of yes, like my idol bethenny frankel and my friends Marco Kike and Juan have taught me and my family Tia Lupe Terri Jessica and Tia yoly. But as they and I say practice what you preach and talk is cheap. So I will be out there busting me ass to walk the walk as I talk the talk. Thank you love -Rob