We Almost Died In The Fire

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Saturday, November 17, 2012

Lucy's busy day

Hi! Im Lucy, Robs my dad and today I had a very wonderful busy day I love him so much. He went to work so early and then, I fell back asleep when he was done getting ready. Then when he left I jumped my dog gate and sat on the couch even when in not allowed. But that's alright daddy thought that was funny. Then when he came to the house. We went for a walk.

I love my walks with daddy there my fav part of the day! Then I made a new friend a golden little dog she was so pretty! She walked with us to the park and back to the house. Then she found a cookie!! Oh a cookie!! But she did not share. But daddy made sure it was safe for her to eat that cookie and she let him check it. She's a great dog she trusted my daddy.

Then we came back and daddy gave me a bath, I don't mind baths just the water on my face isn't so fun. Then daddy made cookies, I got to smell them! Then I was drying off in my dog kennel that's from the ASPCA. and daddy made me a Peanut butter sandwich he's so nice.

Well now in still drying. The Daddy and I will lay in bed together and he will read me a book. Goodnight everyone from Lucy the dog.

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