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Monday, November 12, 2012

Mommy Monday: A Mothers Bond

A Mother is a strong woman, reminds me of an animal, not that any of you moms are animals. But that you have the ability to hold on to your baby/cub with strength and courage and fight for what's right. No one person,place, or thing may come between you and your baby.

The bond you have with your child is big and strong no one can ever take that away from you. I'm talking to all you moms out there all kinds. The ones that have kids, the ones that foster kids, the ones that take care of others children and watch them and love them like your own. To the ones that have animals and love them with all you're hearts, to the ones that are at our schools and make sure that child has a place to do his or her homework and wake up the next day. Even the ones that go night and day without sleep wondering if that one child that they have a bond with is going to be alright.

So to you mommy's out there, your bond with your baby is unbreakable and no one can and will ever take that away from you.

Your a mom first and that's all that matters Mondays are your day, it's your day to say, this is my child or children and I love and have a bond with my baby, my life...

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