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Wednesday, July 11, 2012

Saul,Sushi & Sex And The City

My Friend Saul has came back to Texas!! lol we've missed his four eyes self lol jk we love him i haven't seen him in so long and its been a while that the four got together buuuuuuut Milo could not make it! lol
Saul just got back into town yesterday from his trip kinda all over the world lol. he was all over Europe this summer. So very happy for him. We all have so much going on so its great when we can all get together and catch up i love my friends sooo much they mean the world to me.

Here's a pic of Saul in Paris! how cool is this pic he looks like hes having so much fun!

Eliu,Saul and I went for lunch today so here's a few pics of us. but the convos we had were rated R lol sorry we don't share those lol
this is my plate of food how yum-o does this look?

how cute are they? Saul and Eliu love yall!

love Eliu's smile!

we smile soo bright!

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