Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Reacting To: Christina Wells - Ready or Not [Official Music Video]

Wednesday, January 2, 2013

Don't Let The Scale Weigh You Down

Hi guys, this is going to be my first of what I promised of fitness and nutritional and workout and all things to keep you healthy. Ill probably be doing way more with this so stay tuned. I hope I don't let you all down. So first things first, Im not an expert I just know what I know, research, Study, and want to always learn more. As always I will be giving you all the sources that I get my info from and products and so much more.

So first off, the SCALE! It is not, I repeat NOT your best friend. When I first started working out I would go insane! If I lost one pound I would jump for joy. But if I seem I had gain two pounds I would go nuts I would think I was doing something wrong. I know most of you have been down this road as well? It's a scary time especially when you first start off to loose weight. If you want progress and want to see something fast then don't check that scale. It's going to keep going up and down with your weight loss and muscle gain. So just relax it will be there and so will you. So just focus and being a more healthier you.

Always keep in mind that you are working out for a healthier you, to treat your body good and strong. If you go crazy on numbers and what the scale says I can tell you that you will go back to square one and want to throw in the towel right away.

So as your first thing tonight is to just weigh in and if you don't have a scale that's alright. But for those that do weigh in and start moving and keep going your almost there. But remember the scale doesn't define your body or who you are. Set a Goal on your health and where you want to be from now till a few months or even by next year. Just know your self and push yourself no more staying in your comfort zone.

You can do this.

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