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Thursday, December 27, 2012

Throwback Thursday: Lucy's Gets Spayed

When I got Lucy I knew I had to get her spayed, it's very important to do so. Plus I knew I would want to keep all of the millions of puppy's (of she had millions) because there my grandchildren. LOL!

She wasn't that thrilled to wear the cone, she hated it! She would bump into everything and anything. My poor baby, and when she took her meds she threw it up and looked and me with that face "you take it, idiot" lol boy I love her.

But in all seriousness it is very important to get your animal spayed or neutered. It helps decrease the epidemic of stray animals in the world. I love my dog so much I would not want anything bad to happen to her or any animal.

The shelter where I got her from also told me the importance of doing so and the vet I took her to was very kind. So was everyone there.

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