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Monday, December 10, 2012

Mommy Monday: Getting Holiday Crafty

I have to thank my cousin Jessica for this great idea she loves Christmas as much as I do and loves doing this with her son. As much as I do with my dog. She is a very great mom. my grandma always did things like this with my when i was a little boy so its always so much fun!

I remember growing up its always a huge deal in my family to do crafts around this time. So since this is the holiday season I will be sharing with you a few more great ideas in the next weeks to come! Get excited!

Here are a few great ideas to make crafts at home, with some things you already have that I found online. Enjoy these cute and loving memories with your children. Even if there baby's have fun with them any little crafts you make will be the most fun. Remember to cherish the memories. This is the season to be with the ones you love and hold tight near and dear to you're hearts.

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