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Tuesday, June 30, 2015

Lucy's Birthday Countdown Begins!

  Just got home from work, this is my reason to work so hard that smile makes my heart happy! 
‪#‎lucythedoghter‬ will be 6years old tomorrow it's her‪#‎birthday‬ I wish my big puppy would stay small and silly forever. For anyone that's ever passed our lives or are here in our fairytale know how much our love is one unbreakable bond. We just get each other, we make it through whatever were not perfect but we're perfect together like that @rosannapansino song ‪#‎perfecttogether‬ my ‪#‎doghter‬ is my world 🌎 🐺 I always wanted a dog like in the Disney and Christmas movies but I got lucky and got a doghter with one special heart Lucy lulu Carrasco‪#‎birthdaycountdown‬ begins! ‪#‎germanshepherd‬ ‪#‎petco‬‪#‎idratherbewithmydog‬
 here are some of lucy's past bday videos here: 5 years old

4 years old

3 years old

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