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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Best Friends Need A Home!

 I ran into my old coworker today while running errands, and she told me about these two beautiful puppy's show found and is fostering them and helping them get back to health she has done and amazing job with that seen in both pics, but they need a home. if you or anyone, know of someone with not just a great home but an amazing heart, please let me know so i can tell my Friend and we can get them to the right home they must go as a pair though and can not be separated the sleep and do everything together.

 how cute are they! my friend told me that when they sleep together they put one or the others paw around one (that's the puppies who do that to each other! i just can deal!) they cant be separated and must go to a home soon. coming to you live from Houston Texas so they can go live in your heart and home.
 this is them when she first found them around the freeway and now they are doing great and ready for a home.

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