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Saturday, January 10, 2015

Outside Looking In

 "You don't know how it feels, you don't know what its like, you don't know how it feels to be left out the crowd".

Outside Looking In
this is an old song but its a great listen check it out!

 when others say how you are being so "cool" or so "funny" maybe sometimes you aren't to others and you can/should take a step back and realize sometimes what you said wasn't so nice at all. sometimes hey, you didn't mean what you said maybe even, that time, you were "just joking" and come on man how could you take me for real? I'm just a joke I even take my self that serious. Maybe it was cute or maybe it was funny to others? but not everyone.

Recently, i had a coworker confront me about something like this. i love everyone I'm not one to go all out and pick and choose sides I'm more of every ones friend, before i ever pick and choose a side. now i know i make the most weird and most odd faces in the world and I'm sure you all know that as well, but i didn't know it hurt this persons feelings the way it did. now we did talk and i did apologize about what had happen but i noticed it wasn't just me that he said that was bothering him. 

 He had said that it was everyone, the way everyone "looked at him" the way "people stare at him" and it got me to thinking. i remember when people did that to me. i told him i  had been in his shoes and still am in his shoes everyday. he looked at me like if i was crazy or like he said the weird look "i had given him" i told him its true i get those weird looks all the time but i don't roll my eyes to people or give them attitude. like he did or others do. i told him you look so happy when your dancing and stuff. keep it up and when someone stares at you smile back or ask them to join in? and if not well them keep it up because you are doing great. i love weird! weird is great. 

 So the next time you see someone being "weird" or acting "different" just smile because that person out there has such a blast being them. we all do, its so much fun when you are just well, YOU!

and don't forget to smile okay? 

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